THE WIRE Collection on HBO Max!

In acknowledgment of its 20th anniversary, HBO Max has set up a THE WIRE Collection. It is a one-stop page for all things about the iconic and celebrated David Simon series that tops many a favored list and gets talked about again and again – as relevant today as it was when it premiered.

At the top of the page is the opportunity to click onto the Series Page where you can, if you have never tapped into the show yet, watch all 60 episodes over 5 seasons at your leisure. For those already quite familiar, at the top of the Collection Page is a link to some of the “Essential Episodes.” It is a great opportunity to hit some of the key moments you want to rewatch. Also, on the page are features like a “Character Spotlight”, pulling major moments for all the top characters from Stringer Bell to Jimmy McNulty to Kima Greggs and a half-dozen more. There is even an “Extra” that focuses on the late Michael K. Williams’ Omar Little, a standout character for many.
Other David Simon works like THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, TREME, THE DEUCE, GENERATION KILL and the very recent WE OWN THIS CITY are very easily accessed as are other works the cast has appeared in over the years like Dominic West in 300, Lance Reddick in TV’s FRINGE and Jamie Hector in MAX PAYNE. Lastly, you can find other similarly themed ‘crime on the streets’ fare linked from series, movies and documentaries like Sonja Sohn’s SLOW HUSTLE and BALTIMORE RISING.

If you want some of the best that HBO has had to offer over the years David Simon’s THE WIRE is a great place to start. Find it in the THE WIRE Collection.

What’s missing from the collection and really shouldn’t be is the podcast related to the show. Method Man hosts a piece reflecting on THE WIRE that can be found on Plus, there is this Best Quotes clip. 

We think you’ve got the hint by now. Watch THE WIRE.

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