The White Lotus: Episode 4 “Recentering”


The second half of the season and a long-expected visitor finally arrives, not to mention tensions rising between the collegiate girls, the honeymooners, and for Armond (Murray Bartlett), the tensions have boiled over in more ways than one. Let’s dive into the pool for our scuba lesson and enjoy some watery views as we dissect this episode together. Right away in this episode, we see Paula (Brittany O’Grady) open up to Kai (Kekoa Kekumano) and dish out some dirt on Olivia (Sydney Sweeney). We all know someone like that, don’t we? They have to lord what they have over someone *cough inviting them on an expensive trip cough* and then when you get something they don’t have *cough Kai cough* they get jealous and have to do something about it. Sounds like familiar territory for them. I doubt it will end well. shanerachelmil-1024x539

Meanwhile, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) isn’t having the greatest honeymoon. Husband Shane (Jake Lacy) is flirting with collegiates and obsessing over his beef with Armond, not to mention the surprise arrival of one’s mother-in-law (Molly Shannon). Ugh, bless Molly Shannon, I could not stop laughing while being so outraged on Rachel’s behalf. Hubby is clearly not understanding what marriage or even a relationship means because you DO NOT air your spousal conversations with your parents like that! How Rachel wants to live her life is a private matter and good job getting mommy to help team up on your wife, but shame on you Shane. I think Rachel is seeing who she married and what the family dynamic will look like. It’s looking pretty bleak, girl unless you bite back harder.

belThen there’s Armond, who is trying to hold it together and failing miserably. He admits everything to Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) but there are some foreboding clouds on the horizon. I appreciate his honesty with Dillon (Lukas Gage) though. When you like someone go for it, eh? Well, maybe not that locale (watch the episode and that statement becomes clear). Considering Shane really wants the number for your boss, take it elsewhere would ya? Not to mention the girls are onto the fact that you have all their drugs. I’m sure they’ll find a way to enact their own revenge. When Belinda gets blown off by Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) for a date, she sticks around to work on a business proposal. Jen continues to shine with lines over fish food and activism. Oof, I’m really nervous about this one. Especially blowing her off for a hook-up, though the BLM confusion was funny, does not bode well for a future working relationship. I’m worried Belinda is going to be pretty disappointed and I don’t want that for her, but flighty rich women are flighty and rich. Her attention seems fleeting. I hope I’m wrong.  

“There’s the man and there’s the monkey.  And somehow, you gotta be man enough to face down the monkey.”

Meanwhile, the Mossbacher fam is still attempting to stay distracted. Mark’s (Steve Zahn) hungover and Nicole’s (Connie Britton) over it. She wants him to participate in vacation with his family, hangover or no. Fair, but also you have hardly stopped working and your micromanaging skills are giving me a headache.  Armond stops by for a flirt and is clearly not picking up Mark’s signals. Gotta learn when to say something and when not to…  Honesty is great, Mark, but there are some things your kid doesn’t need to know. Quinn (Fred Hechinger) is socially awkward so, of course, he would bring it up.  Not a great moment at the dinner table, but I’m loving his little side story and seeing the beauty of Hawaii. The cinematography has been stunning all season, but this episode especially was visually gorgeous. The underwater shots and use of light were just beyond. Really puts the bug in me to want to visit but considering the current water shortage, perhaps better to wait a while. I’m content to just keep rewatching this for now. Are you? 


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