The White Lotus: Episode 3 “Mysterious Monkeys”

Mark-300x145With the end of this episode, we’ve reached the halfway point of the season. No word yet on if a second season will appear, but so much juicy stuff is still waiting to happen this season that we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves, now should we? Continuing the trend from the last episode, Mark (Steve Zahn) is still reeling about learning his father had a hidden homosexual side. The whole family conversation about it was quite funny, though perhaps uncomfortable for Mark to consider if his father was a power bottom and what all that really means. He ends up really going for it full force with the day-drinking and hitting on younger women. But really it’s poor Quinn (Fred Hechinger) who not only gets kicked out of his room only to end up sleeping on the beach but then the tide washes away his electronics. I feel like there’s so little sympathy for him but in reality, any single person on this island or even watching this show would be pissed and lost without their phone. I know I would be. Speaking of the family, Olivia (Sydney Sweeney) is onto Paula’s (Brittany O’Grady) little charade. Is she hurt because her friend lied or because Olivia actually wants to f*ck Paula? Could be either at this point. Do you know who else isn’t getting any action? Nicole (Connie Britton) isn’t, though I’m wondering if that’s because she won’t slow down enough to relax. You are on vacation, act like it.  Stop taking Zoom calls from China. Spend time with your husband and your children. Get laid at the very least! Who goes on vacation and doesn’t have sex??? Let the monkey man get in there. If you don’t work on keeping the spark alive, then yeah, the spark’s gonna die. Shane-Rachel-300x164

The newlyweds are certainly getting to it. Seems in fact like a pretty high priority for Shane (Jake Lacy). I really have to give massive credit to the actor Jake Lacy. I have high regard for any actor that can make me hate a character and I hate Shane Patton. It’s Shane’s way or the highway and the differences that are coming out between him and his new bride Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) could honestly be their undoing.  We know they have very different relationships with money and work. We know they got married fast. Honestly, how much do they really know about each other?  I’m starting to think not all that much. Rachel wants romance and since it is their honeymoon Shane tries to oblige.  You know what’s super romantic, Shane? Not flirting with two young college chicks in front of your wife. No wonder Rachel got up and left, I would have too. Armond (Murray Bartlett), who no longer seems sober, wants to make a point though with Shane’s request. Would he have done something so sketchy if he wasn’t currently using? The girls ask again about their bag and he’s very clearly not going to part with it. At least not yet. I’ve gotta wonder what this path is going to look like for Armond. Shane is certainly pissed when they get back from their boat ride with Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) who clearly isn’t ready to let go of her mother’s ashes. I see some dark descents in store for these two men.

Tanya-Belinda-300x182Belinda (Natasha Rothwell) has a nice morning chat with her son about this possible opportunity. She’s trying to be supportive of Tanya with what she’s going through but also boundaries exist for a reason. She might be invested in helping create a business for you now, but what happens when the rich, white lady gets distracted by something else? Will the deal hold? I don’t know, but I’m worried about Belinda getting too far into this. Tanya’s boat venture seemed like what she needed but grief is hard and she’s not ready to let go.  Speaking of not being ready to let go, I can’t believe the season is already half over.  I’m holding out some serious hope this gets green-lit for a second season. I feel like it presents a perfect opportunity for an anthology series though I will always defer to creator and director Mike White’s judgment.  If he can create something this fantastic, I trust if he feels a second season can be done well or not.  Three episodes left, an unexpected guest coming to the island, and one body bag flying home at the end of vacation. I don’t know who doesn’t make it home, but I cannot wait to find out. For now, I’ll just keep bingeing the theme song on repeat.


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