Now, I’m not here to preach or to shout out statistics but simply to remind all of us that HBO is hoping the nation becomes aware of a special cause: the obesity epidemic in America. It is doing so via a series of public initiatives that have the support of many including the Institute of Health, the Institute of Medicine, The Center For Disease Control, the health insurer Kaiser Permanente and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which concentrates on health and education.

HBO, under the banner HBO Documentary Films is presenting four films that will highlight the problem. Jump to this HBO Watch link to learn more about each film. The four films, “Consequences,” “Choices,” “Children In Crises” and “Challenges” are intentionally repetitive because the creators recognize that many viewers won’t watch all four installments and the information contained should not be missed by those concerned. HBO also has a website set up that helps people get aware and get involved. Go to

This initiative is far reaching across the country. There are special seminars, school lunchroom programs, kiosks and even healthy snack food stations all about filled with facts about our more sedentary lifestyle, health issues and food quality. Also addressed, especially in the HBO documentaries, is the fast food industry and its marketing practices. Of course, these films can tackle that issue with little repercussion as HBO is a commercial free channel! he work is surely a detailed investigation on the shape of the nation and the sensible ways we can address the problem. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWHX6KUmPPSjkkwcX0FCuQOVMRcNy4kTtaFDVMTwvC7tPZbzXdnw

Note that this is not the first time HBO has embarked on a health series of this scale on its channels. It previously produced multi-part series about addiction, simply called ADDICTION, and Alzheimer disease, titled THE ALZHEIMER PROJECT in past years. THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION premieres May 14th & 15th  beginning at 8:00pm ET each night and are on HBOGO as well.

The rest is up to you if you are so inclined.  that concludes this public service announcement from HBO Watch.


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