The Wall Welcomes Bowen Marsh to Game of Thrones Season 5

1-300x199The amazing casting news continues to roll in as we learn that Michael Condron, known mainly for his role in The Tudors, will be joining the Game of Thrones season 5 cast that lives at Castle Black as Bowen Marsh.  Bowen plays s pivotal role in the books and is part of the leadership core of The Wall after Lord Commander Mormont’s death. He’s probably not the most memorable character for you book readers but there are some moments we can’t wait to see involving his character.

We’ll see if his in-book role matches what we see on screen in the Spring of 2015! His agency announced the development today, which paired with CV Spotlight confirms that the Actor will be in three of the upcoming Season 5 episodes! We look forward to seeing Condron at Castle Black. Stay tuned for all the GoT casting news.

You’ll hear about it as soon as we do.  An exact air date has not been confirmed but we expect to head back to The Wall in Spring of 2015.

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