The True Death in the TRUE BLOOD Finale

True-Blood-Season-7-Key-Art_612x380-300x186Some tears of blood have been shed over the conclusion of the seven year run of TRUE BLOOD on HBO. You can surely find all across the internet discussions about the series as a whole and especially what went down in the final episode “Thank You.” In this post we talk a bit about it too. We are going straight to the source for some insight. We found, via The Wrap, the following Q & A with show runner Brian Buckner.  

Oh, if you are behind in watching TRUE BLOOD Season Seven I guess you shouldn’t read any more.   

The Wrap: What’s the identity of the man Sookie ended up with? And was there a different version of the finale where we did see his face?

Brian Buckner: No, there wasn’t a different version. The deal was we wanted Bill to be correct when he said that Sookie can have a normal life. The twist, of course, being that Sookie chose to keep her power and specialness and persevere despite his belief that she couldn’t be OK without giving up her powers…We felt like it was irrelevant who Sookie wound up with. What we wanted to know was that she was happy and living the life she wanted to lead. To introduce some other stranger in the last five minutes of the finale wouldn’t have made a lot of sense. So, we made a choice to say it’s “every man,” it doesn’t matter. We basically cast the man with the best arms from our stunt crew.


TW: Throughout the series, there are a lot of dark scenes. At the end, everyone seems happy. Is everyone really happy? Is this a happy ending?

BB: Well, yes we gave you a happy ending. I’m not sure that trouble won’t find Bon Temps again. We called the episode “Thank You.” It was a thank you to all the fans that stuck by us. And, truthfully, for me it was a thank you to Anna, who played a middle who gets a lot of heat a lot of the time. I think she was absolutely brilliant this season. I think she was the center of the show in a way she hasn’t been in a long time. I wanted to give her and our fans a happy ending. 

TW: Was anyone else considered having anyone else die on the finale aside from Bill?trueblood14_108-300x200

BB: No, not on the finale. We were pretty prepared for the season. Other than considering at one point having Sookie give up her powers, which would have changed the epilogue portion of the finale, we came to where we wanted to come to by the time we got to the end of the season. I wanted to create a sense this season that anything could happen. That’s what the Tara death did and then the Alcide death furthered that. We didn’t have any plans to knock anyone else off.


BB: Would I rather we had a little more Lafayette [Nelsan Ellis] toward the end? Sure, I think he’s brilliant. I think every time he opens his mouth, something extraordinary comes out, usually that we didn’t write. I learned this when I was writing on Friends & Ross [David Schwimmer] and Rachel [Jennifer Aniston] together wasn’t quite as much fun as Ross and Rachel sparring.I don’t know what the scenes would be if we just did scenes of [Lafayette and James] happytrueblood14_06-300x200 together. I’m thrilled we got Lafayette true love, but it sort of peaked in [episode] 6 or so. There was closure in that character.”


 Entertainment Weekly fired off these questions.

 EW: But why didn’t it come down to the Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle?

BB: “I think I’ve actually honored all the writers that have been here, in terms of it not being, ‘Which man will Sookie choose?’ That was the thing we were pretty leery of because you immediately alienate everybody who likes the other guy. So we chose to have it Sookie marries any man, because it doesn’t really matter who it was. It’s a story of Sookie overcoming her own demons so that she can lead a life that she wanted without giving herself up.”


EW: Is Bill a hero in the end?GoodbyeBill-300x120

BB: “Sookie has been asking for a normal life, to be normal. She has felt inflicted but also empowered with her power. So I don’t think Bill was being a weasel for suggesting to Sookie, ’Use your light.’ I don’t think it was weak. I don’t think it was, ‘If I can’t have you, no vampire can have you.’ I don’t think it was any of those things. I do believe it was heroic. But he also had to have a secondary reason for wanting to go, because when Sookie puts away her light, Bill has to still want to die. Otherwise, let’s get over to Fangtasia right now. I think what Bill came around to, similar to what Godric came around to, is that a human life is extraordinary, too.

 I think he was meant to feel heroic. I’m not confused by it, but it is certainly made more complex because it’s ultimately a Sookie story, not a Bill story. You don’t have to change yourself in order to have everything you want. You are the obstacle. That’s what I was hoping people were carrying forward when Sookie makes her ultimate decision not to give [her light] up in the finale.”

Hit the above links to get the interviews in their entirety, then come back and comment.  Do these answers offer any closure or clarity to fans? Do you understand why Bill died? Atrueblood14_111-300x200re there still other questions to be answered? Could there or should there be a Eric/Pam spinoff? There is plenty of discussion still to be had. You can be sure even though TRUE BLOOD has been staked it doesn’t mean it won’t be resurrected from time to time here on HBOWatch.


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