Movie Review: The Other Woman


In this comedy, you’ll find Cameron Diaz, Lesley Mann and Kate Upton teaming up to deliver a timely sense of revenge on one man in particular: Nicolai Coster Waldau (otherwise known as Jaime Lannister from HBO’s Game of Thrones). Supporting cast include Nikki Minaj, Don Jonson and Taylor Kinney.

Cameron Diaz portrays Carly, a beautiful and intelligent woman who is a lawyer. She is single, smart and doesn’t believe in staying in one relationship for very long. Her legal assistant, Lydia (Minaj), is her comedic foil. Carly relies on her tough love approach to relationships – especially if she feels it’s not right or it’s not going anywhere. Carly’s demeanor is assertive, business like and confident. She’s so confident, in fact, that after being in a relationship with Mark (a seemingly nice guy who is handsome, successful and charismatic) and having a brief misunderstanding with him – decides to ride out to Connecticut dressed as a sexy female plumber to entice him. This is where a cold dose of reality hits Carly – she goes to his house, only to find that he has a wife, Kate (Leslie Mann).

The relationship fizzles. Carly comes into work the next day, angry and determined to move on in the dating scene. Things don’t go as planned, as Kate, the lonely and beleaguered wife of Mark shows up at the legal firm and makes a scene – not the kind of screaming, catty scene you’d expect from a woman scorned. More like the kind where Kate is depressed, lonely and has no friends of her own and proceeds to get out of control drunken scene at the local bar. Carly doesn’t have the time or patience to be babysitting a heartbroken wife, let alone a married boyfriend and wants nothing to do with Mark or Kate ever again.

Movies_OtherWomanCouple-300x200Carly decides the best course of action is to cut her losses and move along, getting rid of her excess baggage. Kate, in the meantime, is depressed and confused – she doesn’t know what to do, now that she’s been made aware of her husband’s cheating and goes to visit Carly at her condo. What starts off as a terse conversation in the doorway ends up being a drunk, girl bonding session, where Kate and Carly realize that they have been played by the same guy. Carly’s tough persona is ready to move on along, where Kate is insecure and unaware of how to proceed – she’s been married to Mark for so long, she doesn’t know what to do for work or how to compete with sexy and confident women like Carly in the dating scene. Carly’s advice is for Kate to find something, anything on Mark and file for a divorce. Hoping that’s the end to this bizarre situation, Carly and Kate part ways.

Our man Mark King is one suave guy – he dresses very professionally knows how to talk a good game and is successful. No woman, it seems, is immune to his charms. Mark charms his way from one infidelity to another without his wife knowing. Every morning Kate is seen talking with Mark about one thing or another and signing some papers for her husband. She doesn’t read the papers; she just goes along and signs them. She seems so in love with her husband and just wants to spend time with him. She is supportive of his career and is happy that he is successful. That is until Kate finds out about Carly. Things go from bad to worse when Carly tells Kate to stop being a doormat and to end it with Mark, once and for all, otherwise continue putting up with all the lies and the cheating. To top it all off, Mark has found yet another woman to cheat with – Amber (Kate Upton), who is this very young and curvaceous woman.

After some recon work, Carly and Kate find out that Kate has become involved with Mark – and poor Mark, he’s suffering from a broken heart. He told Amber that Kate had cheated on him and he was going to file for divorce. Our man Mark has been quite busy – when he’s not sleeping with every good looking woman he sees, he’s lying to all of them with a variety of wild stories and let’s not forget those papers that he’s had Kate sign. Yes, he’s also been hard at work swindling many of his business partners out of millions of dollars. He’s ‘successful’ alright – a cheater, a cad and an embezzler, to boot. I guess things happen in threes.


This unlikely trio becomes fast friends, once they discover that they have a few things in common, and each of the women change in temperament and persona. Carly has an eye for Kate’s brother (listen for it – there’s a slight Game of Thrones reference in one particular scene, although maybe it’s just me). The saying what goes around comes around, because the three ladies find out his immoral business practices and turn the tables on him. And boy oh boy – does he ever end up in the hot seat for it.

Comedic relief comes in the form of Don Jonson, who portrays Carly’s father and Nikki Minaj (pictured). I have only one beef with Lydia’s character – she says that her husband’s first wife was a fat Canadian woman with no sexual charisma. I can assure you that there are plenty of good looking, feisty Canadian women who exude sex appeal and charm, Ms. Minaj, so there! (Yes, I digress) I actually applaud Nikki Minaj’s performance; I thought she was brilliant as the legal assistant who talks no nonsense to Carly. They had an easy back and forth banter and I can appreciate that kind of relationship.Movies_OtherWomanMinaj-300x169

As a woman, it’s important to have a few good girlfriends in your life. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. This trio of women started out as each other’s competition and ended up being a close knit group. Relationships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and even the most unlikely friendships can develop into something positive. Kate chooses to pursue a new path as a single, empowered woman. Carly chooses an equally happy (and somewhat surprising) path with Kate’s brother, Phil and as for Amber…well, let’s just say that she was left with a ‘twinkle’ in her eye.

As far as chick flicks go, I enjoyed this and if you want a good laugh, give this one a whirl! It debuts SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 at 8:00pm.

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