The cast of the upcoming HBO Films presentation THE NORMAL HEART has quite a number of people involved on camera and behind it. At the forefront are some of the men involved. In fact, a number of them, graced the May issue  of Vogue magazine recently. You will find Ryan Murphy, the director/producer along with Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch and Jim Parsons.  In the magazine Ryan Murphy was quoted as saying –

“I grew up loving the play I remember thinking, ‘Why has this movie not been made?’ Larry [Kramer] and the other organizers were true heroes. I have a wonderful life. I’m married, I have a kid, I have freedoms that as a child I never thought I would have. And I don’t think I would have those freedoms without those guys. So I was interested in paying them tribute.”

 And thus the film adaptation was created. We approach the premiere of the HBO Film presentation a lot more publicity has been showing up including video clips from an interview arranged by The Hollywood Reporter, again with the guys from the film. You can catch a few of them below starting with  an Interview clip.   

Next up are a series of clips where each actor introduces us to their character and we start with Jim Parsons. It will be nice to see him outside The Big Bang Theory. He is recreating his onstage character for the film.

Here is also Taylor Kitsch followed by Mark Ruffalo explaining their characters.


We will play one more “meet the character” piece here as Matt Bomer talks about his character but note there are three more similar videos that we have provided a link to if you want to meet other characters. You can check out one each from Alfred Molina, Joe Mantello and Julia Roberts.

There is also an Invitation to the Set clip out to help audiences get prepared for what they will be seeing when they tune in Sunday night 05.25 for the movie. We conclude with that video.

All of this is due to, of course, the original play created by Larry Kramer. The playwright will be having an HBO Documentary Film made People_LarryKramerabout him and his body of work and his social activism for gay rights.  Here is an excellent New York Times piece about him.  

Look for HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART on all of HBO’s platforms beginning on 05.25.  





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