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Movie Review: The Lego Movie

by Andrew Roebuck
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The-Lego-MovieNever before has a films title song been so descriptive, that its name alone is essentially a review of the film. “Everything Is Awesome” is heard blasting throughout a multitude of scenes in this spectacular Lego based Comedy. Upon initial view, this film could easily be dismissed as being merely an “advertisement for Lego” but anyone stuck in that thought process is wrong on every level.

The film is not only hilarious, but it also has interesting messages about finding your inner child. It has strong elements of satire with the amazing send-up of “The Heroes Journey” trope, and yet it still manages to tug on your heartstrings through all of its rampant silliness. The Lego Movie is without a doubt one of the best animated films of the last ten years, and may even grace the pantheon of the all time greatest forays into animation. Every frame of this movie is jam packed with colour, and jokes. Not a second is wasted in this film, and yet it never overpowers you or leaves you The-Lego-Movie11-1024x681confused. While there may be a multitude of background gags, those are mainly put in there for rewatch value. The core story is really well thought out, and superbly acted.

The cast in this film is gigantic, with a multitude of clever cameos, and unexpected performances. Chris Pratt plays the lead as the loveable Emmett a man seemingly devoid of creativity, and endlessly chipper. The supporting cast features: Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and just about every other actor you can think of. Its amazing just how much talent, and love went into this film. A lot of the credit has to go to the directors Chris Miller, and Phil Lord who have teamed up on multiple occasions and never delivered a flop. With a track record featuring Clone High, and 21 Jump Street you would expect them to have too much of a naughty sense of humor to work within the confines of a kids comedy. However they manage to create a film that you can tell love went into every single brick. Hell even the commentary on this film is amazing, they made a commentary track for this film that is equally as entertaining as the film itself, which is saying something given my outright praise of this film.

Some may argue that the film focuses too much on Batman as a comedic device (a spin-off film featuring him as the sole character is on its way) but to me he works in every scene, and never overstays his welcome. He fits well into the tHE-lego-Movie-review-3-1024x767ensemble cast, and no character has “too much” or “too little” screen time, everything is timed out to perfection. This is the animated film that knocked Frozen out of kids minds, and had them quoting nearly every joke in the movie. Yet surprisingly enough this film has enough heart, and expert comedy that even adults will find themselves laughing with it on-screen. Seriously you will be yelling “Spaceship” at strangers as soon as you walk out in the real world after giving this film a watch.

Hopefully the film will continue to capture the hearts and minds of youth. It teaches about the importance of creativity and the idea about everyone being special feels completely genuine. If all of that seems a little to hokey for you, just wait until the ending of the film as it adds one of the most heart-warming father, son relationships I’ve ever seen put to screen even though it only lasts for about 15 minutes. Overall if you haven’t figured it out by now this movie is outstanding, and is required viewing for this years cinematic releases.

If you haven’t seen the Lego Movie you need to go to HBO this weekend and give it a well deserved watch.

The Lego Movie begins tonight at 8PM and then is on HBO and HBO Go through the season.

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Drew Douglas November 15, 2014 - 12:15 pm

Such a great movie. Can’t wait to watch it again.


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