THE LEFTOVERS Trailer Riles Us Up for Season Two


As the THE LEFTOVERS Season Two premiere, gets closer (debut is 10.04.15) so does the publicity. If you recall HBOWatch has shown you the Tease that came out which shows the long line of travelers waiting to get into Jarden, Texas.  We also showed some released photos of the main characters from the upcoming season and we even had a writer’s comments as an extra in the series’ return. Needless to say we are interested around here on what happens.

However, with all that somehow we missed the season two trailer that came out. So, attention needs to be paid. Here it is.

Now, allow me to break it down a bit for you. As we get glimpses of some of the key players, all whom, of course, look full of angst we hear the words of Kevin Garvey Sr. (Scott Glenn) who jusLeftovers_GarveySrt might be revealing a key theme of Season Two. He says – “I can sit around and cry about how the world ended or I can start it up again.” Is that an actual conversation or a hallucination of Junior’s (Justin Theroux)? It doesn’t matter really; it is what Kevin Jr. does with that kernel of wisdom that matters. But we know they must choose to start fresh in Jarden TX. Also, from those opening moments, it is nice to see Meg Abbott (Liv Tyler), but I’m not sure why.  

Then we are off to Jarden, Texas with only what can fit into a small U-Haul trailer. Note that it is also referred to as Miracle, Texas as no one from this town was taken away by the Sudden Departure. That fact leads to the mystery of why the town was exempt. As is the case with any mysterious town, however, we first perceive it as a beautiful, simple happy inhabited by good people like the Murphy family. He is John (Kevin Carroll), described as an ex-con and she is Erika (Regina King), a hearing impaired doctor. They have two children Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown) an athlete and Michael (Jovan Adepo) a devout Christian. They and the Garvey’s hit it off nicely.  


All is good until the trailer changes tone…until the ground shakes or an explosion happens. It reminds me of the manhole cover flying through the air in Season One. What is happening underground to cause such disturbances? God, I hope it isn’t a Smoke Monster! Now things start to go wrong, but just what is it exactly? What lies under the surface (maybe, literally) in Jarden? At one point in the trailer Leftovers_RevJamisonMaryRev. Jamison (Christopher Eccleston) gets blamed for recommending the town. Where has he led them? People end up in pain, in fights, in distress as some sort of volatile chaos hits this supposed miraculous town.  

What happens obviously spools out over the season’s ten episodes. It must also include logical reasons for the appearance of Rev. Jamison and his wife Mary (Janel Moloney) as well as Laurie (Amy Brenneman) and son Tom (Chris Zylka). What do they hope to accomplish by following Kevin, Nora (Carrie Coon) and Jill (Margaret Qualley)?  A far better question to ask I think is the image shot at the end of the trailer. What the hell is she doing there? Yes, that is Patty Levin (Ann Dowd) who bled out on the cabin floor in Season One and later appeared in Kevin’s mind! Her presence real or imagined creeps me out!


We are one step closer to THE LEFTOVERS 2.0 coming 10.04. Does this trailer help you get excited for the season? It is not too late to catch Season One on HBONow/Go if you want to take the journey. I dare you!


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