THE LEFTOVERS Season Two – Some of the Cast Departs!

TheLeftovers_titleOne of the reporters for from one of our top sources,, snagged some inside scoop on the second season of THE LEFTOVERS. It could either be good news or bad news depending on what you think of the Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta produced series that ran on HBO this past summer. It is reported that

“a large portion of the fourteen regular cast members in Season 1 – virtually all in the supporting roles  – won’t be returning in Season 2.”

Okay, so the post title above may be accurate, but a bit sensationalistic. If you think about it all it shouldn’t be a big shock that some of the cast would not be returning. We already know Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph) is out of the picture and his groupie Christine (Annie Q)  already up and left the scene. It would also make sense if members of the Guilty Remnant left town or renounced or sadly even died after their big stunt at the end of Season One with Liv Tyler’s Megan as a case in point. Some of the other characters might go by the wayside just because they were poorly developed or stupid. An example of the former might just be the character of Dean (Michael Gaston) and the twins Adam & Scott (Max and Charlie Carver) easily represent the latter. Hell, if we didn’t know better, you’d think Pam Levin (Ann Dowd) would be done, but we hinted that she might not be.


My point is you could have already counted on not everyone continuing the story in the sophomore season. What is important is that Justin Theroux (as Kevin Garvey), Amy Brenneman (as Laurie Garvey), Margaret Qualley (as Jill Garvey), Chris Zylka (as Tommy Garvey), Carrie Coon (as Nora Durst) and Christopher Eccleston (former Rev. Matt Jamison) are all on board for what is next. There are some other characters in the cast besides those mentioned that are up in the air including Garvey Sr., Jamison’s wife Mary, the mayor Lucy Warburton and one-time BFF Aimee.

Though it seems plausible for the cast to fluctuate a bit there is a bigger reason behind it as the second season takes shape. Our source says –

“I hear the producers liked the story opportunities that would come from exploring the world beyond Mapleton.”

Now we got hints to all this in a post we dropped on 10.31.14 about an interview Mr. Lindelof gave. This latest finding solidifies the decided direction the show will take nowthat it has burned through the source material penned by producer Perrotta.

This writer has some mixed feelings about the notion of leaving the environs of Mapleton, New York. In one sense it would be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacted to the Sudden Departure beyond the brief new clips shown. We have already seen, through Tommy and Christine’s travels and travails, that other types of cults and troubled souls are out there. But there also surfaces the sticky wicket of how the Garvey family makes the transition. Do Kevin and his family move away from Mapleton and settle somewhere else? How does estranged Laurie or new love Nora fit iTheleftovers_mural-300x255nto that scenario? Do the Jamison’s move with them so that they are all together to carry on the saga in the new locale? Or, maybe, the familiar characters remain where we left them and new characters are introduced living across the country and facing different manifestations of what the Sudden Departure caused? It all gets more and more curious, doesn’t it?Lastly you have to ask yourself why the sudden changeup? Was the production staff and HBO displeased by the numbers of people tuning in? Is this a fresh reboot to try to invigorate the show? We know they are venturing in virgin territory now that they worked past the events depicted in the novel, but did Mapleton run out of stories? Or is it only logical to explore other places, other theories, other coping mechanisms other than Mapleton? Who knows, if THE LEFTOVERS goes beyond a sophomore year maybe following season would be set in different places as well.

Just these few facts about what is ahead for THE LEFTOVERS in 2015 makes your head spin in different directions to fathom just where the next season could go and what it could reveal about society post-Departure. And we didn’t even ponder anything about Kevin’s well-being.

We will get you more THE LEFTOVERS information as it comes in and our Schedule Page will reflect the new season dates when confirmed. For now, how about some comments on what you think of the new developments.

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