The Leftovers Season 2 Premiere Date: Fall 2015


After all the mystery surrounding the events of season 1, The Leftovers season 2 will premiere in Fall of 2015. How do we know? Well, HBO released a trailer today that frames the synopsis of the second season.  A road sign (pictured above) reads Jaden, Texas: Departures 0.  Whoa. No one was taken from this town? The overall ratio was said to be 2%. With a population of almost 10,000 you’d expect almost 200 people to have been taken.  

Here’s the trailer:

We’ve already reported that The Leftovers will be a “reboot”.  One of our writers was even an extra on the set of The Leftovers season two. Read his account here.  What do you think of the direction the show is taking? Are you going to miss Mapleton? Are you going to miss some of the “departing” characters? The suspense is killing us. This show is driving us nuts! Maybe it’s working as intended. 

No mention of an exact air date for The Leftovers season 2 but we’ll post it on our HBO schedule when it arrives.

If you need some of that brooding and mysterious piano music to get you through the summer you can listen to that here:


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