The Leftovers Season 2 Photos

A number of photos from the upcoming second season of The Leftovers have been published, giving us a small sneak peak at what is to come in the second season. There already was a teaser released back in June, so in the coming weeks there would be some more official snippets and sneak peaks coming, as the season premieres on October 4th. Season 2 will take place in an entirely different setting than the first, as the cast has relocated to Jarden, Texas. While a number of new characters are being added to the show for the second season, the central characters from the first season are here to stay. Jarden, Texas is a place in which there was a stunning 0 departures, which could mean that the second season will be a little more uplifting than the first season. Justin Theroux has said that the second season focuses on family and coming together, and the photos which were released do seem to  indicate that people’s lives are going back to some-what normal.

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Also it is interesting to note that Laurie seems to have left the Guilty Remnant, as she is shown dressed in normal clothing, spending time with her son. Although the season will not  be premiering for a couple months, it is nice to have some official photos to help keep us patient.  The Leftovers season 2 premiere date is October 4th.

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