THE LEFTOVERS Season 1: Final Episodes Trailer

TheLeftovers_titleHBOWatch is fully aware that fans will be focusing on the series finale of TRUE BLOOD tonight. So are we, in fact we will review it and reflect back on the series in the days to come. However, THE LEFTOVERS is also winding down, but just for the season, not for good, as it has already been renewed for its sophomore run coming in the summer of ’15.

As of this writing it has two episodes to go in its premiere season. They are # 9: The Garvey’s At Their Best (this episode begins 10 minutes late due to an extended final episode for our friends from Bon Temps) and the season ender # 10: The Prodigal Son Returns airing on 09.07.14. In preparation for the conclusion here is a trailer highlighting those last episodes of the season. You can be sure there will be a big ending! 


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