THE LEFTOVERS Premiere Pushed to 06.29

I thought HBO and the production team assured us when we mentioned that THE LEFTOVERS was going to take a production hiatus that it TheLeftovers_titlewould not compromise the premiere date of the series? It was originally set for June 15 right behind the season finale of GAME OF THRONES. The high concept drama now has a premiere date of June 29, a whole two weeks later.

 HBO has stated that “the production schedule has shifted’ and that issue has now affected the show’s start date. Just what does this “prepping of the final episodes” entail?  Are there holes in the plot and weak scripts or what? Why didn’t they lock in ten strong scripts before they even started?

It sounds like a stupid move to me, especially since THE LEFTOVERS now gives up the prime-time real estate of debuting behind the hottest drama on the channel. Plus, there is the fact that there are others shows about people mysteriously returning to their lives. Maybe, Damon Lindelof  halted production because the plotlines were too similar to existing shows? Well, here is hoping this doesn’t harm this series in the long run. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to find out now. In the meantime here is the link to the teasers we have already posted.     

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