THE LEFTOVERS: “Orange Sticker”


We now return to the “A” story of Kevin Garvey in Jarden, Texas and “it looks like you got a lot of explaining to do, Sport.” Though Kevin is probably going to have to explain his actions as some point not much explanation is needed regarding this episode if you’ve been paying attention. The only moments that seemed odd in this one was the beginning. Let me riff on that for a second before we move on.

So the earthquake rumbles through, right? It wakes up Nora, but doesn’t seem to rile Jill too much or the neighborhood. Nora runs outside to look for Kevin and the neighborhood is calm outside of an alarm sounding and a noisy dog or two. No one else on the block is reacting to it? It shatters things in the house, but Jill slept through it? It just struck me odd is all. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was a natural reaction on Nora’s part, I suppose, to think Kevin had Departed in light of what she has experienced. However, how she treated him when he showed up was an off moment also. Here is a glimpse of her cold shoulder treatment.

As the episode took off I really thought Nora and Kevin were headed in a bad direction, but as you saw by hour’s end that was not the case. Moving on I found “Orange Sticker” to be bit about labels. The houses are literally marked with labels verifying all is safe in the labeled house and, of course, we prove in Jarden that just because they are marked safe doesn’t mean they are. John declares all is not well there and that proves dangerous. He says “There are no miracles in Miracle.” Hence, we see Michael Murphy removing the identifying sticker from his house at episode’s end. Another issue of labeling happens when John assumes the ‘palm-reader’ Isaac is the owner of the muddy handprint on the missing girl’s car. As an angered father would he seeks answers and seeks out Isaac as the kidnapper of Evie and friends. We all know, however, that the incriminating handprint is Kevin’s.

And then there is poor Kevin Garvey. The bulk of the revelations in this episode, though not surprising ones, come from his plot line. His family knows he sleepwalks and is out of touch with what he does in that state. No one, including Nora and Jill, know that he sees Patti Leven however; he has manifested her in his mind. Right? I mean she can’t be alive, can she? She pops into the truck and the house far too easily. So, we the audience, seem to label him as crazy for sure. But how can he get so many details manufactured in his mind just right about her? Take a moment here and think this through. When Patti riffs on her husband’s infidelity with the gal that shits on him Patti states that in all the years they were together he never asked her to perform that act. Which explains the act of her dropping a bag of feces on her husband’s porch in Season One. Remember that? Plus, Pillar Man asks Kevin who he was talking to. He was noticing a crazy man talking to himself, right? How real or imagined is Patti?


Should we be labeling Kevin as mad or just depressed? Come on, it is surely no surprise that he tied the cinder block to his ankle and took a dive. He seriously needs to focus. Nora needs some focus as well I think. What is she hoping for? What is she thinking? What is she challenging? She is deep in thought in this episode a number of times and we finally learn it is because she is debating whether Jarden is ‘real’ or not. Is it a miracle place or isn’t it?  She feels that three girls did not just Depart. What? She thought Kevin did at the start of the day, but she thinks the girls didn’t? The whole talk with Jill on the porch affirms that she refuses to believe they did. Again, we are hung on labels. At least for a moment Rev Matt seems to put her mind at ease. He adamantly believes Jarden is a legitimate Miracle City because his wife Mary reawakened one night after they first arrived there. There is more to be revealed about that matter I am sure.

 Surprisingly, though the scenes with Kevin & Patti seemed to be the big scenes worth mulling over, I end  this review on a different note. One that seems to set up the next episode actually. In this episode we travel along with John & Kevin to the shanty town over the bridge. It is called Babylon. They are an ornery bunch over there. But, think how hot-headed they will be when they learn that Evie and friends have, dare we say, Departed. That means that Jarden is not miraculous or special after all. There will be an uprising over it! It appears that Rev. Matt & Mary will be in the thick of it too. There are so many labels and issues and it is about to come to a head. Don’t miss it.

(Find Episode # 13 here.)


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