The Lands of Ice and Fire: Maps from King’s Landing to Across the Narrow Sea

Lands-of-Ice-and-Fire-Buy-300x280The first time I saw the “book,” if you can call it that, my inner geek squealed. This is what I have been searching for, far and wide. The best maps available until now have been online and not printable, or in the books themselves. This collection of maps is above and beyond any fan’s dreams. Not only that, but it’s artistic and faithful to the story! Too good to be true? Nope. Here’s why:

First of all, the format in which the maps are stored is brilliantly stunning. It is book-like and goes perfectly with the books on your bookshelf. It is sturdy and allows a collector to keep the maps preserved in the original condition.

Secondly, the “cover page” inserted with the maps has each house’s sigil and a bit of an explanation on the scope of each map that is included in the set.

This detailed atlas includes 12 maps, each unfolding into a 24”x36” poster. Personally, as a fan and a collector of series memorabilia, I would recommend buying 2 of them; one for the bookshelf and another one to display the maps on the wall. The art almost begs for display. Get a poster frame available almost anywhere (here is an example of a standard frame: [amazon_link id=”B001B0DCDA” target=”_blank” ]DAX Coloredge Poster Frame w/Plexiglas Window, 24 x 36, Clear Face/Black Border (N16024BT)[/amazon_link]) and you now have art to display.


The main attraction of this set is the first-ever complete map of all the known lands. If you have been looking for something to show you the entirety of Martin’s world, this is the map you have been hunting for. The interactive map on the HBO website () is fantastic and very close to the map featured here. However, this map is TANGIBLE. You can take it out as reference while reading or watching the show. It makes you feel like you are truly along for the ride and this is the map to lead you on your journey.

There are also never-before-seen maps of Braavos and the Dothraki Sea. Braavos is much larger than I had fully imagined. The map of the Dothraki Sea in the East is striking to look at while reading the books as you begin to get an honest grasp for how expansive Dothraki territory really is.

Castle-Black-Map-300x225For a real treat, you also get a map called “Journeys” that tracks the movement of all the main characters through “A Dance with Dragons.” (Psst, buy the books here:[amazon_link id=”0345529057″ target=”_blank” ]A Song of Ice and Fire, Books 1-4 (A Game of Thrones / A Feast for Crows / A Storm of Swords / Clash of Kings)[/amazon_link])  (This may be considered “spoiler” material by some. I personally found it fascinating.) If you have only watched the television series, I don’t think you will mind as much as a fan who has read the books might. I’ll explain.

For those of you who have not read the books or even are a book or two behind, fear not. There aren’t any huge spoilers in these maps. You may see where a character has traveled and note the last point in the TV series, but there is no “story” here. It is literally a line from point A to B. You may now be spoiled that character X made it to point B or so and so makes it such and such far, but that really says nothing about the journey itself. Honestly, we all know that is where the beauty of both the books and the television show lies; in the journey not the destination.

Now, quit thinking about it & just head over to Amazon to get a copy (or 3) in time for the holidays.



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