The Knick Season 2 Premieres in October

Do you lay awake at night while your thoughts drift to some of the disturbing scenes in The Knick? Oh, that’s just me? Well if you’re a fan of Clive Owen you’ll be happy to know that we finally have a narrowed premiere window for The Knick season 2. Cinemax has been releasing several teaser videos for the new season. And by teaser we certainly mean TEASER because these are nothing more than some sound effects and a scene that may or may not be from season 1 of The Knick.  Here’s an example:

Well, it does give you the same atmosphere you’ve come to expect from The Knick. Now, these trailers only say “This Fall” but we did a bit of sleuthing and found this slip on Cinemax’s official Facebook page for The Knick:


So there you have it. The Knick season 2 will air in October of 2015 on HBO’s sister network, Cinemax. Season 2, like the freshman season, will be 10 episodes so we’re guessing it will premiere in one of the earlier October weeks since the holidays would interfere with a later premiere date. 

Since HBO’s fall schedule is looking a bit thin they may choose to simulcast The Knick on both networks, though we can’t confirm this yet.  Last year the show aired on a Friday night but since HBO won’t have anything competing, Cinemax may roll with a Sunday evening time slot instead.  

We’ll update this story and our schedule when we have an exact premiere date for The Knick season 2 but for now we’re just happy to have it narrowed down.

UPDATE: October 16th is the date!


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