The Knick Renewed for Season 2


HBO’s sister station Cinemax has produced its own original series for some time now. But this year may have been a standout in viewer’s minds because for the first time an A-list actor and an A-list director came together to produce an A-list drama for Cinemax.  We’ve been covering The Knick, starring Clive Owen for several months now, reviewing each and every episode. The show certainly looks and feels good enough to be an actual HBO program, in fact it aired on HBO for a few weeks in an attempt to woo viewers over.

We can now confirm that The Knick will, indeed be renewed for a second season. The Knick season 2 will begin early production in the near future with a premiere date sometime in 2015 to follow. We expect a similar release: Summer/Fall 2015.

Will the show air on Friday nights? Will it continue to get previewed on HBO?  Or will this be an all-Cinemax affair for The Knight in 2015. We’ll keep covering all of the news and information around this program since it involves the same production company HBO uses and many of you who subscribe to HBO are also loyal Cinemax fans as well.

We’ll also continue to review each and every episode for those who are following along with the dark, captivating new program.  Will Cinemax win a few awards next season for this show? We sure think the show deserves it.

Clive Owen is excited about The Knick season 2, are you?  The procedure continues next year.


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