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THE JINX PART TWO “Saving My Tears Til It’s Official” | Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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Docs_TheJinx2-FeaturedPic-1024x491I shouldn’t have been surprised that the show was already into the trial phase, as it was only six episodes long. But I was. I thought we would have seen more investigative work done but I understand from Jarecki’s standpoint that revelations coming forth are a lot more exciting for viewers if they come out during trial. Good investigative work is illustrated, however, as this episode reveals facts about Susan Berman and why they were crucial to the case and our fascination with Robert Durst. 

Episode 9 – “Saving My Tears Til Its Official”

THE JINX saga has all the elements baked right in that keep us glued to the story – intricate plot and intent, colorful characters, courtroom intrigue, and more. It has been that way since Peter Gunn, Perry Mason, Law & Order, and on. Watching the procedural play out in a work like this, one that we have invested time in, still holds interest and is rewarding. It is not just the aspect of seeing the prosecution executing their methods but also the defense. 

Docs_TheJinx2_DurstTrial-1024x578The defensive team, Dick DeGuerin & John Waldron, are all about raising reasonable doubt and sympathy. That last tactic caught me right away. I remember when the trial was in the news in real time and how I thought Robert Durst looked sickly and frail. We saw him then and here in the series, looking gaunt, wearied, and sporting a neck brace. But in the footage of him on the phone with various supporters, especially his current spouse Debrah, there was no neck brace, ever. Only at trial did he appear in one. Durst, as only he would flippantly do, stated via one of those videotaped conversations that they purposefully were going to play up the weakened look to invoke sympathy from the court. That ploy, albeit a common one, stuck with me nevertheless just because it was Durst.

Docs_TheJinx2_DurstTrial-Pic2-300x127Of course, the meat of the installment was what the persecution had to present. Since the previous episode we waited for what Nick Chavin had to say and we see him finally brought to the stand here. Though his testimony was interesting, it didn’t really hold. As the defense points out, it was all a “he said, she said” sort of situation raising the note of reasonable doubt. What was said after a long dinner with Durst, according to Chavin, is that Durst was forced to choose between himself and Susan Berman but that Chavin wasn’t sure what he heard exactly because Durst mumbled it. 

That all fizzled out only to reveal more interesting facts. John Lewin and his team were out to prove just the type of person Susan Berman was and why Durst needed to silence her. That’s the crux of the episode and it is quite fascinating. It turns out that Berman was not a victim of murder because in a moment of confidentiality Dust confessed to her that he murdered his first wife Kathy Durst and with authorities close he needed to silence her. Oh, no, BFF Berman was gunned down because she was an ACCOMPLICE to the crime and became a loose end that needed to be taken care of quickly!

A whole psychological profile of Susan Berman was stated not to raise sympathy for her murder but to implicate her in direct involvement with the initial crime and thus reveal the cutthroat intent of Durst to silence her. All this comes to light in a phone conversation with investigative reporter and good friend Albert Goldman just nine days after Kathie’s disappearanceDocs_TheJinx2_BermanReenactment. The prosecution postulates that Berman was fishing for a logical scenario as to what could have happened to her dearest friend Kathie. She was intent on spinning a narrative that repelled people from suspecting Robert.  She was matter-of-fact and methodical. Almost too methodical because during the whole taped conversion she never grieved or cried, in fact, she stated that she was “Saving My Tears Til It Was Official.” No, you were being as cold & diabolical as Robert Durst! The reenactment of that conversation held quite an impact and one I won’t forget if I reflect on THE JINX ever again. 

What other shocking moments are there to be revealed? How many other odd characters are left? We’ll get around to the fourth installment when we can.  

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