The HBO Watch Newsletter (and Prizes!)

For  four years now HBO Watch has been bringing you all of the latest news on your favorite HBO programs.  From the announcement of Game of Thrones to the eventual cancellation of True Blood we’ve not only gotten you the information you need to know, we’re also bringing you commentary and insight into all of HBO’s documentaries, mini-series, feature and theatrical films.  We may be a little bit biased but to our knowledge: HBO Watch is not only the best source of Home Box Office news; we’re also the only HBO fan site on the internet! 

This month mark’s our fourth birthday here at HBO Watch so we wanted to do something special for our readers.  We know that many of you don’t have time to check our home page every day for the latest Game of Thrones feature or trailer so we’ve put together an easy-to-use email newsletter, sent weekly (Mondays at 6AM PST if you must know) that will include all of our posts from the previous week.  That way you can skim our headlines, decide which articles are relevant to your HBO interests and hone in on those for your reading pleasure.  Here’s what the email looks like in your inbox or smart phone for those wondering:


Pretty neat, right?  The email is sent via the folks MailChimp so you can rest assured your email address won’t be used for ANYTHING else other than this newsletter and you can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time.

Interested?  Of course you are.  You can subscribe using the sidebar form to your right or this form here:

But what would a 4th birthday party be without PRESENTS?!  We’ll keep it simple:
Subscribe to the HBO Watch newsletter and be entered for a chance to win ANY SEASON OF ANY HBO SHOW on DVD or Blu-Ray.  
That could be Game of Thrones season 3, Sex and the City Season 6, The Newsroom Season 1.  ANYTHING.  We’ll be giving THREE of these prizes away for the next three weeks so check your email (the one you signed up with!) to see if you’ve won.  You can also check back here to see who’s won and which season and show they picked as a prize.
Answer’s to a few questions I’m sure you’re asking yourself:
-An Email address will be chosen at random each Monday (for three weeks).
-US/CA residents only for the ANY SEASON prizes.  International subscribers may enter but winners will receive approximately $30 in Amazon credit.
-Cost of chosen season for US/CA winners may not exceed $60 USD and must be available on Amazon (Prizes will be shipped via Amazon Prime)
-Multiple entries with multiple email addresses are accepted (within reason) but winners will be contacted via this address so make sure it’s one you actually use!
-Cheating will not be tolerated and violators will be reported.
-Current subscribers to the newsletter are already entered into these weekly drawings (about 2000 of you!).
-Winners will be announced via twitter so if you want a shutout from @HBOWatch give us your Twitter handle too!
-Staff members of HBO Watch (former or current) cannot enter and are disqualified from winning.
A very special thank you to all of our current loyal readers.  These four years have been a blast.  We hope you enjoy the site and the new and improved newsletter as well!
Here’s to four more years of HBO greatness!

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