The HARD KNOCKS Team Is Still Up For Grabs but the NOLA Saints Thinks It’s Them

NOSaintsHelmet-300x199NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk says they overheard the notion that the New Orleans Saints think they are the targeted team to star in HBO’s training camp series HARD KNOCKS this coming season. The site states –

Per a league source, the Saints are bracing for the possibility of the league tapping them on the shoulder and directing them to be the subject of the annual Hard Knocks series.

Well, that certainly could be the case as the ball club does meet the criteria, but they also could be paranoid. As always when we talk about this topic we got to mention the only teams exempt are those that have played the Playoff in either of the past two years, have starred in the series in the past ten years or are under a new head coach.  However, any team can volunteer to have the camera focus on their preseason procedures.

HBOWatch is full aware that it is way too early to say which team will get the HBO Sports’ camera’s scrutiny. We usually don’t find out until a few weeks before August training camp begins. Why the New HardKnocks-logoOrleans Saints, under head coach Sean Payton, are dead certain is premature as there are six other teams eligible for the lead role. They are the Buffalo Bills under Rex Ryan, the Chicago Bears under John Fox, the Jacksonville Jaguars under Gus Bradley, the Oakland Raiders under Jack del Rio, the San Diego Chargers under Mike McCoy and the Los Angeles Rams under Jeff Fisher.

It is smart to remember however that it is not just a matter of picking a team for the sports series but to also find the right charismatic and/or controversial team and athletes to guarantee an exciting season. The search for the right team continues and we look forward to the anticipation each year to find out which team gets the honor. Will the Saints come marching in front of the HARD KNOCKS cameras? We will have to wait and see.


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