Fans of SILICON VALLEY know T. J. Miller as the gem of a character named Erlich, but that is not his only character out there. He is also Gorburger in a YouTube series that HBO is now interested in. Who is Gorburger? You won’t believe it, so just get a gander of the picture below.


It seems T. J. Miller is a part of the comedians over at Funny or Die and it is through that troupe that THE GORBURGER SHOW has found life on YouTube. It shows us a Japanese talk show invaded by and now hosted by the blue-tinted monster.  The monster tries to understand what it means to be human by interviewing celebrities. Miller is not only a co-writer of the web series, but get this, also voices and operates the animatronic critter. Here is a clip to show him in action:

I’m not making this up. If it were April Fool’s Day this would be a good prank, but it is real and HBO has ordered a pilot to be shot in Los Angeles and the guest list is set. Appearing in the pilot will be Ed Helms, Johnny Knoxville and Moby. ThPeople_TJMiller-216x300e show is a part of a deal HBO has with Funny or Die who has already shown FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS on the pay channel.

If HBO finally commits to the series can we possibly see Adult Swim style programming in late night? I think it would happen to fit better in late night, but who knows. Will HBO sink money into it making it a glitzier set and elevating the overall production value or will it stay true to the YouTube look and format? It will be interesting to see whether the network will actually run with this one. It is crazy for sure. What do you think? Have you ever seen THE GORBURGER SHOW?  There are two short seasons of it on YouTube so head over and take a peek at another episode. I dare ya!

(Source: Deadline

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