The Girls of Girls: Who are You?

I’m waiting for season 3 DVD news to drop and I’m contemplating just digitally downloading, and well I couldn’t help but think about which Girls character I most emulate. With shows like Sex and the City or Girls or others of that ilk, you can’t help but profile yourself to see which character you most resemble. At least I do that…and I’m hoping I’m not the only one. So it just begs the questions: Are you manic like Marnie? Jazzy like Jessa? Hopeful like Hannah? Or social like Shoshanna?

marnie-300x168Do you waffle over your feelings for your spouse? Do you often find yourself “downsized” from work and contemplate reevaluating your future job options? Have you ever made something on Garage Band? Did you then play that piece for your ex to win him or her back? Have you moved back in with your parents before? Have you slept with someone that used to date your friend? Have you jessa-200x300been caught sleeping with that person who used to date your friend by another friend? Then you might be Marnie.

Are you incredibly free spirited and often unemployed? Have you ever thought you’ve been pregnant but turned out to not be? Have you ever been a nanny? Did the father of the family make a pass at you? Have you ever gotten married on a whim? Did that whim marriage then fall apart? Do you have an estranged relationship with your father? Do you occasionally hook up with the same sex? Have you ever gone to rehab? Have you ever helped someone commit suicide? Then you might be Jessa.

hannah-300x200Have you ever been cut off by your parents? Are you a writer struggling to get published? Have you been sexually harassed at work? Do you have an on and off again relationship? Have you had found a random guy by inspecting his trash and have sex with him? Do you have OCD tendencies? Have you ever punctured your ear drum with a Q-tip? Have you ever lied to a dying relative about your relationship status? Have you role played with your on again off again significant other to spark the relationship? Then you might be Hannah.


Do you have less of a sex life than your friends? Are you a virgin? Have you ever accidentally smoked crack cocaine? Are you still in school? Do you have problems balancing your party time and school time? Have you ever hooked up with someone and then realized you were living with them? Do you have an on again off again relationship with someone much older than you? Have you ever found someone’s mysterious relative in order to get them away from a friend? Have you ever grilled a guy about relationship requirements in the middle of sex? Has one of your friends ever hooked up with one of your exes? Have you been denied graduating? Then you might be Shoshanna.

The brilliance of this show is the differences between each of these girls but that they also have so much in common. If I had to pick for myself, I’d probably say I’m mostly Shoshanna or Hannah. I would say I have aspects of each of the different girls, but I think that’s the point of having such different characters; that when you compare yourself to them, you’ll have something in common with all of them. So where do you fall?

Don’t forget that Girls premieres 01.11.15 at 9:00pm.
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