The GIRLS Accessorize!

I am so sure by now that you have heard that the GIRLS are out and about yet again on HBO. Since there has been a good bit of reflection about Season HBO_GirlsOne and speculation on Season Two I’d thought I’d offer something completely different. I have some tidbits on how the girls of GIRLS plan to accessorize for the new season.

I know, you’re thinking “What?? What does this dude know about what the girls are sporting? He isn’t going to analyze how each handbag and dress defines each character, is he?” Well, uh no, I’m not. But I am going to tell you that GIRLS will be accessorizing with their own soundtrack and their own brand of nail polish this year.

Hannah and Co. now have a soundtrack playing through their heads by various artists with Girls Soundtrack Volume 1: Music From the HBO Original Series out by Fueled by Ramen. All the songs on the album appear, via sound bites of course, in Season One of the show.  Here is a listing of the Tracks in the order they appear on the CD.

  1. Dancing On My Own by Robyn – in Episode 3
  2. Sight Of The Sun by fun. – A new track
  3. Wishes And Stars by Harper Simon – closes out the premiere episodeearphones
  4. Girls by Santigold – A new track
  5. Overdrawn by White Sea – in Episode 2
  6. Everyone’s Gonna Get High by Grouplove – A new track
  7. I Love It by Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX – A new track
  8. Same Mistakes by the Eco-Friendly –  in Episode 4
  9. I Don’t Love Anyone by Belle & Sabastian – in Episode 5
  10. Montezuma by Fleet Foxes – in Episode 6
  11. White Nights – by Oh Land – in Episode 7 during the “Crackcident”
  12. Wreckin’ Bar by The Vaccines – the last song of Episode 8
  13.  Love Is Won by Lia Ices – the last song in Episode 9
  14. On Our Way by Michael Penn – found at the closing moments of Episode 10

SantigoldSongs # 2, 4, 6 and 7 are not listed in the episode guide as being used on camera so I can only assume they are three tracks inspired by GIRLS. Santigold  (pictured) actually used the show’s title for her piece. The digital download version of the album features four more additional tracks: Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells (episode 5), With A Girl Like You by The Troggs (episode 2), Yours Forever by the Generationals (episode 2) and Fool To Cry by Tegan and Sara (new track).

So, there you have the music of the GIRLS. All ten episodes of Season Two will surely expand the soundtrack of their lives.

But, that’s not all. The GIRLS are also sporting new nail polish so when they are baring their claws, biting Girls_nailsthem out of angst or caressing their loves they can do it with a signature color on their nails.

There are four colors picked to match the personalities of the show’s four lead characters. They were created by a top in the biz Dorothy Lippman after consulting with Lena Dunham for inspiration. Says Dunham of the product “Deborah Lippmann’s colors are irreverent and classy and I’ve always coveted them (and stolen them from my mother), so who better to embody the ‘Girls’ spirit in polish form.” Check them out here: HANNAH – Hopeless Hunter Green, MARNIE – Prim and Proper Pink, SHOSHANNA – Virtuous, Vivid Violet and JESSA – Bohemian Burgundy. The set goes on sale 01.15.13 and sells for $45.00.

Girls_nailpolishHow about it? If you want to be like the GIRLS without being a loser than get the soundtrack and the nail polish and you are on your way. Sorry, that’s all I got. I warned you it would be different kind of post.

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