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What a better way to kick back and relax this holiday season than with the most vicious coloring book you can find? Adult coloring has taken the world by storm when adults started admitting it was a much a coping skill for them as it is for kids. For parents, it is an opportunity to bond with your kids over a shared activity. For other childless adults, it is simply an enjoyable way to relax. For HBO fans, or more specifically Game of Thrones fans, we can delight in an adult, intricate coloring book that will bring us from King’s Landing to Winterfell.

With 96 pages of people, places, and things from our favorite fantasy show, we can settle in with some hot cocoa and color while watching season 5 in preparation for the coming winter. And with it actually being winter out, what a wonderful way to stay warm!

Coloring page from new GoT coloring book

Since I haven’t actually experience the coloring book in person, I cannot attest to the paper quality in terms of choosing coloring materials. While I more often lean towards markers for coloring, they can sometimes bleed through the paper. So depending on the book, colored pencils could be the way to go. Or even crayons if you want to feel even more like a child while coloring the most brutal coloring book ever made. You can find all red crayon packs out there! But I’m pretty sure you’ll want more variety for the beauty of these pages. The book includes sigils, scenes, major characters and dragons! Some of the pages are quite intricate while others and simpler. You can either use your imaginations to color them anyway you like or try to stick to the intended color palette to match a scene from the show exactly. Just have relaxing fun with it.

Pick it up today and you can spend the cold, winter months occupied before season 6 hits the scene. Winter isn’t only coming, it is already here.

It’s about $10 on Amazon so grab it for Christmas or Hanukkah before Winter comes and goes.

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