The Future is Coming: Google Fiber adds HBO, Cinemax


Brace yourselves… The Future is Coming. Commentators and cable cord cutters around the web have been clamoring for HBO to release HBO Go as a standalone product so that users without a cable or satellite contract can still access HBO’s programming. Well today… that still didn’t happen. But what did happen seems to us to be a step in the right direction.

HBO will now be available through Google’s new “Fiber” ISP. The super-fast internet service infrastructure being constructed by Google is only available in Kansas City right now but will be expanding to Austin, TX later on. For $20 (close to the average price for HBO) you can watch all of the Game of Thrones, Girls and Veep that your wired little heart desires over Google’s epic new fiber cable. You can also pay $40 to gain access to ALL premium networks including Starz and Shotime.

While this isn’t the future just yet it is a step in the right direction in that HBO is obviously willing to work with non-traditional content delivery systems. Recently HBO’s president flirted with the idea of HBO Go being made available to all but so far it doesn’t look like it’s actually going to happen any time soon.

Congratulations to all of those lucky HBO fans out there in KC and eventually Austin. We’ll just be over here wishing we were you.

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