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The EUPHORIA Special # 1 Trailer Arrives

by Jef Dinsmore
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The trailer for the first of two EUPHORIA Specials has appeared. Remember, the two slated Specials bridge the story between Season One and the forthcoming Season Two. The first hour, entitled “Trouble Don’t Last Always” Debuts on HBO on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6 at 9:00pm ET/PT, but HBO Max steals the thunder by airing it early on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 at 12:00am ET.  Here is that dropped trailer: 

In the story, we have Rue Bennett reeling due to the absence of Jules Vaughn at Christmas time. Many get depressed at Holiday time, especially those in the absence of loved ones. The danger of that for Rue, of course, is a strong relapse into drug dependency. Just where does that leave her?

Euphoria_title-300x134Well, even though the above clip is called a Trailer, it is just a Teaser; it offers us little clues indeed to the plot ahead. Otis Redding’s “Cigarettes and Coffee” sets the mood as we catch Rue in reverie over Jules’ departure last season, but she snaps out of it because she has invited someone to be with her as she battles her melancholy mood. That someone is Ali, played by Colman Domingo. He is a good friend and mentor at Rue’s Narcotics Anonymous meetings so, she is in good company here.

Since the show was shot utilizing pandemic protocol, there are likely few characters in the piece. For example, they are not likely to hit a meeting or go trip out at a rave and most of the usual characters around Rue, like Fezco and Lexi, may not appear at all. But what about Hunter? Time will tell as fans find the EUPHORIA Special uploaded very soon. Find it on HBO’s platforms.

Note that at this time, there is no official word on when the second Special will air, but it could come as early as January or February of 2021 and there is also no confirmation of when the second season will get before cameras. All of that, of course, hinders on health safety moving forward. We will keep you posted.  

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