Thanks To THE DEUCE Potato Soup Will Never Be The Same!

TheDeuce_PotatoSoupIn Episode 2 of THE DEUCE Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) fills in for a girl who can’t make it to her filming session. It seems a film entrepreneur is making an adult film in his basement and Candy takes the opportunity. The way the couple of scenes of the show are shot you can see that Candy is taking in all she can about filmmaking. She finds interest in what the key & fill lights are for as well as the reflective sheet.

The importance of the scenes in the show indicate Candy’s willingness to always make the situation better for herself and her learning about making films just might advance herself along. Of course, viewers are probably more drawn into the filming of the porn scene, complete with naked male Vikings. This section shows how the films were easily and crudely made, no pun intended. So what does that have to do with canned potato soup?   

How to tastefully put all this? The porn shoot is all about the money shot, right? That shot for both HBO and for the skin flick in that basement was faked. Back in the day evidently Campbell’s Potato Soup was a good substitute for semen on film. So the series played that up and showed an assistant pumping out gobs of potato soup onto Candy and her co-star in the little flick right at the climax…as it were. Yep! You got to see it to believe it.

Now for some, it might be shocking, embarrassing, gross or perhaps funny. But that is HBO for you. That is also the mindset of the showrunners Simon, Pelecano and Noble. It is the realism of the moment. The series is not flinching in its portrayal of the times and the industry under the microscope here but pushing the envelope to the brink of X-rated behavior.

But it sure turned me off the creamy soups for a while as it squirted. Candy quickly got a towel and her co-star said the real thing was better than cold potato soup. I would think it would be too chunky…oh, never mind.


You never know how far THE DEUCE is going to go, but we sure are titillated!


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