Talulah Riley Becomes WESTWORLD Regular

TululahRiley_Westworld-300x207We will take any news about WESTWORLD we can get, right? Especially since we have to wait until 2018 to see the second season. We also need little reason to binge Season One yet again, right? Well, the next time you do watch it focus on actress Talulah Riley because she will be credited a series regular come the sophomore season.

Who does she play? Well, one of the Hosts with the most. She is the character of Angela. She appeared in six episodes as the, for the lack of a better term, “Greeter Host” to guests and has had that function for quite some time. Whenever a visitor arrives at the park she is as the first to greet them before they are outfitted and ushered into the world that awaits.

She offers a strikingly beautiful presence in the lobby, but her appearance in Episode 8 “Trace Decay” adds a surprise. Since the Hosts can be reconfigured to play any role and complete any function we also see her repurposed as one of Wyatt’s followers in the theme world. If you recall she shoots and wounds Teddy (James Marsden) who is on the pursuit of Wyatt.

That leads to the question of what this means for Angela. There is chaos both in the western scenario and out in the Delos complex. Will we see her as the ‘Greeter Host” helping to deal with the aftermath of Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) death or will she be playing out a hired gun for Wyatt in-game or will we see her as both? 

Here is a good look at her and her function as both the “Greeter Host” and also as the repurposed player in Westworld.   

Regardless of which function Angela serves it sounds logical to up Talulah Riley up to a regular player, but alas, not until 2018. What do you think? Which persona do you want to see her as?

(Source: Deadline)

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