Succession: “Sh*t Show at the F*ck Factory”

Well with a title like that you know this episode is going to deliver some drama. Already confirmed for a second season (yay,) allow us to delve into this second episode with vigor! We left off with Logan (Brian Cox) being flown to the hospital with his son Roman (Kieran Culkin) and daughter Siobhan/Shiv (Sarah Snook). Other children Connor (Alan Ruck) and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) meet them at the hospital and it’s a race to figure out who will take the reigns.

With this family, it’s hard to know who is siding with whom because it changes so damn fast. But at the very base of it, everyone is out for themselves. Since he was intended to take over, Kendall doesn’t understand why now his siblings, Shiv and Roman, are still blocking his path to leadership. So for now, Shiv and Roman seem to be aligned in that regard. They try and weigh some other options for CEO other than their brother, but it’s slim pickings. Especially since their father’s right-hand man Frank (Peter Friedman) was fired by their father moments before his Succession_Ep02-300x258collapse and the company lead attorney Gerri (J. Smith Cameron) wants nothing to do with it. But why not?

Meanwhile since someone literally has to handle how this leadership situation is all going to go, Kendall is dealing with people from his father’s company, managing the media, and trying to keep a leash on the new company they purchased with a guy who quite literally hates him. So no surprise after Kendall tries to shut his rival up, the guy tells his company to run an article. And the title? You guessed it, “Sh*t Show at the F*ck Factory.” Ouch. Kendall is really not as vicious as he thinks he is.

And then there’s Greg! Cousin Greg. He wasn’t mentioned in my review last week, but he’s a down and out family member trying to get into good graces with the family for a job. But the question is: who to align with? Roman and Shiv are both pulling his strings. Roman is doing so because he wants everyone to sign the trust paperwork so that their mother Marcia (Hiam Abbass) will be more involved, but Shiv disagrees and tells Greg not to bring the papers. He doesn’t, so I think he’s already chosen his alignment and done so wisely. Marcia also pulls rank on Shiv when they find out the plan of action is to do nothing and monitor Logan’s vitals and progress. So it’s not a surprise Shiv won’t allow this woman more authority over her father’s well-being and his company. But the best part of the episode is undoubtedly the physical fight between Roman and Shiv. Check out this behind the scenes video for more info about the brother-sister showdown!

But the descent to physical blows isn’t the biggest bomb of the episode. Once the family agrees that control of the company should remain in the family’s hands versus an outsider as CEO or COO, Kendall makes an announcement. He will be interim CEO and Roman will be interim COO until further decisions can be made. Shiv agrees but thinks it will be a disaster. As usual, Connor doesn’t care and just goes with the flow. But once Kendall has the reigns he gets the news that the company is billions in debt. They borrowed from the company which, last I heard, is also known as embezzlement. Ouch, Kendall, sure you wanna be captain of this ship? Three billion in debt is…um…pretty damn difficult to come back from, especially the whole embezzling part. Where do we go from here? Likely pandemonium.

Actually where it leads us is to Episode 3 next week. 

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