Succession Season One Finale: “Nobody Is Ever Missing”

Boom goes the dynamite in this thrilling finale as Kendall (Jeremy Strong) tries for the final time to break free of his father and create a family explosion all during Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom’s (Matthew Macfadyen) wedding, after which they have their own realization. Roman (Kiernan Culkin) finds himself at the head of a disaster of sorts. And in the end, can Kendall really take on the titan that is his father?

Key characters of the day are of course Shiv and Tom, and I actually rather appreciated not seeing the wedding and just the reception and photographs. Connor (Alan Ruck) makes a whole shit show about Willa (Justine Lupe) and if I were the bride there is no way I would have accepted that kind of crap. Shiv and Tom shake it off, but no scenes of vows. The way their characters are, I can’t imagine super sentimental imagery anyway. I’d figure they would be more keen for the party. Which is quite lavish and of course paid for mostly by Logan (Brian Cox). Kendall prints an offer letter first thing, and the printer Wi-Fi mishap was a hilarious addition because who hasn’t had that happen to them printing to the wrong printer? Kendall can barely even get out the words in his father’s presence. Starting to think Ken actually can’t hack the big leagues.

Coming back to Ken in a moment, let’s turn our attention to Roman. Big leader guy now, he gets charged with tasking a satellite launch in Japan. Turns out he pushed it rather hard so that it would happen the same day as Shiv’s wedding, to be like “fireworks” or something. Well, a fire did happen. Explosions too. The rocket implodes on take-off, leaving Roman to wonder how many people he likely killed. And it’s taking quite his focus. Speaking on focus, the happy newlyweds head to their bedroom for a brief break and Shiv breaks the news that she did in fact cheat, and it was in fact with Nate (Ashley Zukerman), and she actually doesn’t want a monogamous marriage. Some timing, Shiv. Tom doesn’t seem opposed to the idea, but it seems like that could cause trouble down the road.


Back to Ken trying to get out of his daddy’s shadow. Greg (Nicholas Braun) gives Ken a tip when he asks who might be able to get him some “white powder.” Greg uses this moment to let Ken know about the cruise lines and that he’s the type of guy to keep around and include. I don’t know if this was your prime moment to release that information, Greg, but you’re certainly getting used to playing the game. Well, Ken follows the tip and goes with the kid who is already high on the wrong “white powder” and the two crash going to a dealer. Ken makes it out, and sadly the kid doesn’t. Logan lets Kendall know the deal. Guess Kendall isn’t breaking free of his father this season.

Logan knows exactly how to deal with the situation. Leading me to question how each of the Roy children, in turn, deal with dead bodies in their life. Connor seems pretty weak-willed, and I can’t imagine he’d handle being the cause of someone’s death well. Roman actually seems pretty freaked after the rocket explodes. He really doesn’t want to consider the death fully. He’s ecstatic when he finds out no one died and only lost a couple limbs. Kendall tries to help the boy but doesn’t try very hard in my opinion. Okay, I get they are in the water but obviously whatever way you got out, drag the kid behind you! Anyway, Ken seems to pull himself together but when Logan lays it all in front of him Kendall breaks down. But Shiv, she’s a politician. When Tom tells her about the horrible cruise details, she doesn’t even flinch. As we had seen, Tom was pretty shaken up. Last episode, Tom told her everything and she went out and made a deal with her father over it. Could we be seeing the best company leadership emerge? Does Shiv have what it takes to overthrow the old man and lead a new empire? Does she even want to? I’m sure we’ll have some answers next season. I’m already trying to think of what they could do with the characters. Time to wait patiently! For now, check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the first season finale and some zingers!

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