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SUCCESSION Season 3, Episode 8: “Chiantishire”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Screen-Shot-2021-12-09-at-8.05.03-AMWe made it through Kendall Roy’s (Jeremy Strong) birthday party with only a few tears, can we make it same through Mommy’s (Harriet Walter) wedding? Probably less tears here, honestly since it seems not one of the Roy children is very close to their mother. We get some good context later for why that is, but in any case, it’s an interesting dynamic to watch. Especially Roman (Kieran Culkin) who is incredibly concerned she’s rushing into this and will be left unprotected. It’s cute that he’s the one getting all concerned and serious when he’s arguably the biggest fuck-boy of all of them but it’s sweet in a way. He wants to make sure it doesn’t come down the pipe and get them, so fair but still poor mummy has no one excited for her big day besides her beau (Pip Torrens). The music is certainly setting the stage well, it felt positively bridal from the very beginning.

Shiv (Sarah Snook) is MIA for a big meeting, causing Sandi (Hope Davis) to notice and ask some questions. Good for her for seeing something and saying something. Look, I get both sides. The Roy family is powerful and manipulative, sure. But in the business world, deals move fast. Like insanely fast, like if you don’t grab this now someone else will and you’ll be up shit creek. So, I get their “we had to move fast” argument, but I still give Sandi massive props for standing up for her girl unit.  Shiv was the one bolstering the “Us girls against the world” spiel and even though she’s going through some mental health things, at least Sandi has her back. Girl power!Screen-Shot-2021-12-09-at-8.04.20-AM

“Don’t open Pandora’s Box.  There’s just more dicks in there.” Gerri (J. Cameron-Smith) pulls Roman aside and makes a particular request.  In reality, not the type of request anyone should have to make, but Roman and Gerri have never had a normal relationship. But really, what an odd position these two have put themselves in? Especially for Roman, who already has a bit of a reputation of being the screw-up child. He’s really hustled this season and showed up for the business and what needs to be done. He managed to finagle the deal with Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) and get it all squared away. Leave it to the one-yard line for a Roman debacle. Listen, no judgment.  I’ve texted the office manager complaints meant for my boyfriend. It happens. But dick pics to daddy are a big no-no.Screen-Shot-2021-12-09-at-8.04.47-AM

Speaking of Daddy (Brian Cox), he wants to stay as separate as possible from Kendall in Italy. Their whole dinner scene was something. Two great actors chewing the scene. Kendall thinks he’s so much better than his father without seeing everything his father has done for him over the years. “I’ll be broken when you die.” Their lives are intertwined and of course, he loves his father. But also, his father is an emotionally abusive asshole so yeah, it would be better to just never see him again. Best hope that deep dive podcast doesn’t take off because I’d imagine Daddy had some big hoops to jump through with the skeletons you’ve left him. Not to mention Roman, or even Shiv though she seems like the least troublesome child. I mean, Ken straight up pulled a Britney shave so we know he’s clearly going through some stuff and it would be best for him to be out. Also probably best if someone checks the pool…

Meanwhile, Connor (Alan Ruck) is trying to get ahead in his political game and makes certain life maneuvers. I knew it was unlikely to go well when Willa’s (Justine Lupe) first thought was going back underground, something she’d clearly prefer. And I get her position. Being around Connor means money and wealth and doing what she wants with her life, but that doesn’t mean she wants to marry him. No offense, Con, you’re not a spring chicken. She could feasibly stay with you for a few more years without a ring and be just fine off. But girl, if you married him and then he croaked you’d be stuck being a Roy forever and you gotta know that has strings attached. IDK, no judgment Wills, I’d marry him for his money. He certainly seems the least douchey of the bunch and obviously polling at 1%, he’s never gonna be president.


But this biggest revelations came from Shiv and Mum having a good ol’ fag sesh. That’s fag as in cigarette, not the slur. They’re smoking and exchanging barbs when mommy dearest says something all daughters wish their mother would say: you were right. The heavens hath parted and the sun is shining through!!! To be told you’re right by your mother is a precious thing, only Shiv doesn’t want it. Quite the opposite in fact, Mommy’s admission proves to Shiv she’d like to do exactly what her mother did. Even if she ends up having the same feelings. Given the children were faced with a choice of which parent to live with, you know their dad probably didn’t make it easy and in fact, given how mummy said Shiv acted about the decision, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t nasty to mummy to please daddy. Well, here’s hoping if they procreate that between Tom (Matthew MacFadyen) and Shiv someone loves that baby. We got the best description of Logan from his ex-wife though, really proves who he is in a nutshell. “He never saw anything he loved that he didn’t kick it just to see if it would still come back.”  Yeah, that explains his parenting and relationship style a whole hell of a lot.  Like a lot, a lot.

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