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‘Succession’ S2E4: “Safe Room”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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kendall-leans-on-shiv-succession-s2e4Tensions are running high for the Roy family what with the proxy battle against Stewy and Sandy, who will follow in Daddy’s footsteps, and everyone’s own personal demons. What this needs is a fascist and some violence and boom, what a show! Timely for the show-runners to include some debate regarding fascism and media, and anti-fa protests as well. Very timely and included a nice red herring for viewers.

When an anchor at ATN all but comes out as a fascist, everyone is trying to figure out what side to take on this guy. Do you hedge and hope the dirty Nazi secrets stay secret? Or do you slide him out and come down firmly on the side of anti-fascist? No one is sure, but it is causing a stir at ATN as protests are going down outside. Logan (Brian Cox) is still trying to wade his way out of the proxy mess but wants to make another acquisition. Basically Moby Dick wants to make himself even bigger to take down. Or rather, play loose with his assets and hope everything stays tied down in the storm and he comes out the hero. New business and his enemies can’t touch him. Perfect plan? Well, no. Everyone is pretty much against it. Including Shiv (Sarah Snook) who is lurking in the background, trying not to set off anyone’s alarms as to why she’s there. No New Boss Alerts, please.

Ken (Jeremy Strong) is still Daddy’s go-to lackey and just bumbling himself along doing what Dad wants. But he’s also been a naughty boy stealing. The moment towards the end of the episode with Shiv and Ken was really sweet. He wants to be able to tell her what happened. He really does. He’d love for someone else to know because then his dad wouldn’t have all this power over him. But he can’t. At the very least, Ken committed manslaughter, which is a crime in this country though his wealth would certainly go a long way to making it disappear. But Ken essentially admits he’s a shell and if it weren’t for being in charge of his father’s medication, Ken probably would have eaten a bullet already. He doesn’t want the top spot anymore, he’s a broken man. Kendall just needs to be needed.

Roman (Kieran Culkin) is doing management training from the ground up. Which he hates and doesn’t want to do. But he screwed up and he needs to gain his dad’s respect. Roman is cunning and sneaky and that can be helpful to his father, but Logan doesn’t actually respect Roman as a person. I really can’t wait to see more shakedown with him and Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron.) I feel like she’s often the support and advice Roman’s needed and not gotten from either parent. It just kept becoming more obvious something was going to happen, we just didn’t know what. Well, now it’s a matter of wondering if they’ll end up in bed together. I really freaking hope so. 

Also in the background is Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) who are stuck together when the building goes on lockdown. A shot is heard in the office and everyone important is jetted to safe rooms. While waiting for answers, Greg tells Tom he feels he needs the chance to grow. And he needs to do that out from under Tom. Admittedly, I get it. Tom can be a genuinely nice guy when he wants, like covering for holly_rheaGreg about the biography. But he’s also emotionally abusive and mean and manipulative of Tom. Covering for Greg now also means leverage on Greg. Even if blame got shifted, Tom could in the future just as easily rat out Greg. So yeah, he needs out.

But the star and highlight of the episode was Holly Hunter. Playing the CEO of the company Logan aims to buy, she brings some sharp conversation to the table. Logan isn’t amused by people often, but the ones who can spit game and be charming, he’s interested. She captures his interest and the verbal sparring was quite nice. Perhaps if she comes aboard, someone might be around to check Logan. Haha, I say silly things sometimes. In the end, the lone shot came from an employee killing themselves, claiming an uncomfortable and bullying work culture. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, right Logan?

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