‘Succession’ S2E8: “Dundee”


The eponymous city of this episode plays an important role for Logan Roy the character, as well as the actor who portrays him, Brian Cox.  Dundee, Scotland is the childhood home for both and plays host to a party in Logan’s honor. Fifty years in the business is quite an accomplishment. Rhea (Holly Hunter) secretly gathers all of Logan’s nearest and dearest to come celebrate him. He’s not much for surprises though. Plus his mind is preoccupied with the shareholders’ meeting and votes, especially when he’s actively being sabotaged by someone.

Meanwhile, Shiv (Sarah Snook) is gearing up for battle with Rhea. Shiv doesn’t take well to getting screwed over. Nor should she. But she needs support from Roman (Kieran Culkin,) Kendall (Jeremy Strong,) and Connor (Alan Ruck.) Blood is thicker than water, yes? The boys still think Shiv is emotional on this one, but the family hangs together. Give her the wrong name to say, make mention she’s not a drinker, and what else can we come up with? How about knowing that a whistleblower is about to break big, bad news and letting Daddy announce Rhea?succession-season-2-episode-8-marcia-rhea

Rhea’s actively trying to sway at least one of the kids to her cause. In the end, Ken is the target as she tells him bottom line it will be him again.  I mean, c’mon Rhea. No one is going to genuinely believe that. Look at literally the entirety of last season and this one, Ken’s only got a shot if his father believes he can 100 percent control him.  Oh wait, might his father possibly have dirt on Ken that he can use to control him… that being said I really don’t really think Ken will be it. I actually think that Logan has no clue who to pick. Shiv is smart and savvy. Roman is doing it from the bottom up which is how Logan believes it should be done. Ken is controllable. And Rhea, well Logan may or may not be screwing her. Marcia’s (Hiam Abbass) comment to Rhea about testing was absolutely amazing.  And though Rhea plays innocent, it’s entirely fair for Marcia to suggest.  She sees how close this woman is becoming to her husband.  Good on you, Marcia!  Sexual health and safety are important at all ages.

succession-season-2-episode-8-ewan-and-gregLogan’s brother Ewan (James Cromwell) gets invited by Rhea and enjoys some time making his brother uncomfortable. Ewan gets to see his grandson Greg (Nicholas Braun) as well, who has been spending more and more time with the Roys. Ewan wants Greg to quit and find other work, and if he doesn’t Ewan will remove Greg from his will. Ouch, that’s quite a hit. Greg is already in a grey area with the company. He’s very uncomfortable with what the company has done in the past, but he’s also really happy to live somewhere nice and not be struggling to make ends meet. This additional threat from his grandfather only further complicates things. Logan genuinely likes Greg and wants him to stay. He’d be taken care of. It’s that timeless classic.  Money versus morals. What can we expect when D.C. comes knocking?

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