Succession: “Prague”

This episode focuses on Tom’s (Matthew Macfadyen) bachelor party and since Roman (Kieran Culkin) is planning it, you can certainly expect theatrics. Of which there are plenty. But the other major focus of the episode is Shiv (Sarah Snook). Not only her relationship with Tom but also escalating things clearly with Nate (Ashely Zukerman) and Gil (Eric Bogosian) who has a rather tragic interview at ATN.

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is trying to do the venture capitalist thing, but his name is basically toxic. Not surprising, but he also can easily come across poorly if he isn’t careful. And it turns out Roman isn’t the only one wanting to talk to Sandy Furness. Stewy (Arian Moayed) is in Sandy’s pockets already as Greg (Nicholas Braun) noticed a while ago. Speaking of Greg, Logan tasks him with keeping an eye on Kendall and making sure he stays clean. If he can, Logan will take Greg’s idea to transfer away from Tom into consideration. Of course, everyone in this family is a bully so poor Greg gets taken to task by Kendall and ends up snorting cocaine to keep Kendall from doing it. When Kendall finally gets a chance to speak to Sandy, it turns out he wants to buy out Kendall’s shares in his father’s company. Basically working to take the company out of family control. At first, it was a question of if Kendall would do it. Obviously, he’s not on good terms with his dad. But doing this could seriously screw over Roman, Shiv, and Connor (Alan Ruck.) On the Roman front, Kendall and he have some disagreements about how they used to play as kids and you really get a sense of how their dad has truly f*cked them up over the years. Kendall hits his breaking point. Perhaps taking the company out of the family’s hands could actually save it. And the final moments of the episode you see the proof in the pudding that Logan is wrong about Kendall. He’s stronger than Logan realizesTom and the gang are thinking that they’re all jetting off to Prague for a day for Tom’s bachelor do. But when Roman needs to get in with Logan’s (Brian Cox) rival Sandy Furness (Larry Pine), he changes course and arranges passes for basically what I would deem a Bacchanalian warehouse party where anything sexual goes as long as everyone is consenting. At least I’m hoping so. I suppose that part was never explicitly stated. Tom gets nervous since obviously, he doesn’t want to cheat on Shiv but with her mind elsewhere she gives a hazy answer and Tom is still feeling tense about doing anything. Of course, Shiv is clearly still hooking up with Nate and it’s gone from handies in a car to being in bed half clothed, so you put two and two together. But when she comes head to head with her father, I couldn’t have been more pleased to hear her say in this episode and the last, she sees who her father is. She’s not gonna play his game and when she tells him as much you get the sense Logan is preparing to make his daughter’s life a living hell. I’m thinking she’s strong enough to withstand it, but going up against your father especially when he’s Logan Roy is going to be very, very difficult. and in fact, he’s more like his father than either of them realize. Roman’s too weak to lead the company. Kendall is the shark who could save it.


Though Logan declares he won’t attend Shiv’s wedding, we know that with two episodes left that the drama will just keep heating up. You have to wonder what will become of Shiv and Nate. I doubt he’s the type to run down the aisle and stop the wedding. But if Tom were to find out, I can’t suppose that would go well. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage for a closer glimpse at the weirdest, wildest bachelor party Tom could hope for, though obviously Roman is doing it all for himself and tune in next Sunday for more family fun!

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