Succession: “Lifeboats”


Succession comes roaring back in its third episode as patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is released from the hospital and taken home for hospice care. Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) are ready for their big day at the company in their new positions of authority, though they celebrate in very different ways. Meanwhile, Shiv (Sarah Snook) continues to have her own issues with Marcia (Hiam Abbass) in regards to her father. And Greg (Nicholas Braun) starts his new job under Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and he’s quickly learning to keep his eyes open. But how will he use that information?

So I realized I spread some misinformation in regards to the show, for which I apologize. Financial matters are not my forte, though I suppose they aren’t for the Roy family either. While I stated the $3 billion in debt was embezzled, that was incorrect because it was only borrowed but it was borrowed against the company’s stock. Meaning once the stock dips below a certain point that rather large sum will be due in full. Well, guess who has come calling? Collections! Kendall and Roman are ready for their first day on the job. Kendall is grasping at straws trying to figure out how to play it with the debt collection and Roman is just along for the ride, seemingly for the notoriety of it. While Kendall is clearly trying to manage things and find solutions, Roman goes into his office and gets off against the glass of the high-rise looking down at the city below. I think we’re really starting to get a better look at who Roman is. He isn’t actually interested in running the company. He wants the power and control of being in charge without the responsibility.Succession_S1Ep03Pic3-300x185

Kendall on the other hand actually wants to run the company and wants it to succeed. He grasps at whatever he can to improve the company, which includes working with a friend who seems pretty shady. Greg happens to oversee some conversations between not only Kendall and his friend, but Kendall’s friend and the main competition. Kendall manages to figure out a solution which is still not good enough. Kendall, I mean this with all my heart, your dad is an asshole. Stop trying to please him. Just do it. He’ll respect you far more if you just say, “F*ck you,” and do what you want. But you have to keep coming to him for validation and it never goes well, so why keep going? You make a big speech about coming up with lifeboats for the company. Throw yourself one, dude. Tell the old man to go screw himself. But apparently, Kendall really can’t do anything right since it seems his wife/separated wife Rava (Natalie Gold) officially wants out even though they do hook up one more time.

Cousin Greg has started working under Tom and I think Greg will have to tread carefully and continue to keep his eyes out. Because I think Tom’s been perceived as being this aloof guy, but deep down Tom is far more manipulative than we’re seeing. Greg’s perspective is a fresh one because while everyone else in the family is playing the game because they were raised for it, Greg’s doing it for survival. I think we could see Greg go to quite great odds to try and protect himself. The question is how far?

Meanwhile, Shiv and Marcia are at odds. Shiv enlists an old flame to run a background check on Marcia and dig up dirt. Which leads to a dead end meaning Marcia could have just come from Succession_S1Ep03Pic2-300x204nowhere or her personal records have been manipulated. Like a dog on the hunt, Shiv won’t let it go that she’s being kept from seeing her father. In fact, the whole family is essentially being kept from seeing their father/grandfather. Anyway, she barges in eventually and tries to have a tender moment with her father, telling him about her recent engagement to Tom. Logan says he loves her and then moves her hand towards his nethers. Well, that’s not okay. I think it’s a brief moment for Shiv to realize her father really isn’t back yet and still out of it. And had she had a more trusting relationship with Marcia, there probably wouldn’t have been busting down doors. She could have trusted the information. But in this family, you can’t trust anyone. So it takes an actual moment of inappropriate behavior for Shiv to realize her father still isn’t okay.

Are these people ever going to sort this all out? Well, if they did we wouldn’t have a story now, would we? Here is a look at where Succession is headed in episode 4.   

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