Every now and then HBO will pick up a comedy that’s slightly quirky. Apparently, that’s where all the fun happens to be with Crashing. The show revolves around Pete played by Pete Holmes, who decides to peruse a career as a standup comedian after he discovers that his wife has been having an affair. Now apparently homeless he starts crashing with T.J. Miller. What entails in this semi-autobiographical comedy is his often futile pursuit of attention and a chance to make people laugh. Interestingly, that is what will make you laugh!

Fans of shows like Crashing and Seinfeld are probably too busy to sit around at home watching TV! So, if you’re looking for a way to stream these shows we have a couple of options below worth considering in all seriousness.

Try DIRECTV NOW for Free and Add HBO for an Extra $5

DIRECTV NOW is perhaps the most cost-effective ways of streaming HBO and its shows like Crashing. You pay $35 for the base package and then add $5 for HBO. Plus, if you happen to be an AT&T Unlimited client, the company is offering a $25 discount a month on DIRECTV NOW. So, you end up paying next to nothing for streaming your favorite shows on the go! Try it out today by clicking below.

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Stream Crashing with Sling TV Premium

Sling TV is another great cable alternative and only costs $25 a month. Though if you want to stream Crashing and other HBO content you’ll need to add it for an additional $15. That still it still is pretty cost effective given the fact that you get to stream dozens of other networks for the price.

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Stream Crashing Using HBO’s Official ‘Go’ and ‘Now’ Apps

Cable subscribers who have HBO as part of their bundle can use the ‘Go’ app to stream Crashing for free. All you’ve got to do is download and install the ‘Go’ app and then log-in with your credentials. However, if you are not a subscriber HBO’s ‘Now’ app is a stand-alone alternative. You can watch all of HBO’s content on a mobile device for a flat monthly fee.


Is Crashing Available on Netflix and Hulu?

Unfortunately, both Netflix and Hulu do not have any HBO shows so obviously Crashing will not be available. HBO sees these services as competitors to its standalone streaming service which is why they no longer have any of the network’s content.

Download Episodes of Crashing from Amazon, iTunes and Google Play

Yes, it is possible to download episodes of Crashing as well as many other HBO shows from iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play. However, it does take some time for these shows to become available, usually after the season closes. So, this is not the best option for an impatient fan.

Sinister and Illegal Methods of Watching Crashing Online

We have discussed all the legit methods of streaming HBO shows like Crashing online. However, there are a load of free yet legal methods too. Though we will not be linking to them since it can get us all into trouble. So, if you decide to use these services be aware of the fact that viruses and porn popups will be the least of your worries when infringing on US Copyright law!