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STATION ELEVEN #9: Dr. Chaudhary

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Screen-Shot-2022-02-03-at-3.55.48-PM-300x177This episode begins flashing back to just into year one and the first winter with Jeevan (Himesh Patel) and Kirsten (Matilda Lawler) holed up in a cabin after leaving Frank’s. Kirsten’s proving herself to be quite the little badass. She gets them protein and proves herself a good shot with the rifle. She’s learning knife throwing, setting snares, and even knitting. And I get why Jeevan is feeling the way he is. He got saddled with this huge responsibility that he didn’t ask for and now he’s indebted to her. Jeevan is too decent of a person to just walk away from a little girl. He’s arguing with ghosts so lord knows he’s struggling. It’s entirely fair that he would want other adults and society around them, but also it is winter and honestly waiting even another month or two wouldn’t have been the end of the world and make for easier travel. Screen-Shot-2022-02-03-at-3.54.52-PM-300x273

Getting to reach out to other adults is great, Jeevan, but lying? Ugh, that could be seriously ass biting in the future. Even if she doesn’t want to leave the cabin, Kirsten does agree to scavenging though her distractedness isn’t helpful. I mean, she’s a kid so I can’t entirely fault her but it could have been a far worse situation for everyone involved had it been someone else. I’m not sure it warrants literary sabotage, but there’s some karmic retribution in store anyway.

Screen-Shot-2022-02-03-at-3.55.00-PM-300x184All things considered, it could have been worse. I think that fact you tried to leave in a wheelchair in the middle of a blizzard is hilarious, Jeevan. I mean, you ultimately save someone which is amazing but honestly, how far did you think you were going to get before freezing to death? The doctor Terry/Deborah (Tara Nicodemo) does seem a tad off her rocker; the timebomb of joy comment had me going but she seems to genuinely care for these women and wanting to make sure humans continue surviving as a species. All these women are gonna pop at the same time? Whew, good luck with that, Jeevan. Ultimately, while he was perhaps the odd sibling out while everyone was alive, he’s followed in his siblings’ footsteps after they’re gone. Harsh truth about a post-apocalyptic afterlife, we’re going to continue to need doctors and medical school won’t be available anymore. Studying medical texts is the next best thing. So allow me to introduce you all to Dr. Jeevan Chaudhary. Pleased to meet you, doc.

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