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by Alexandra Mitchell
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Screen-Shot-2022-01-22-at-11.00.47-PM-300x180This new series is brought to us by the stunning Duplass brothers; talent well known in the HBO sphere. Their works include Room 104, Animals, and Togetherness so it’s a decently established relationship at this point. Somebody, Somewhere follows Sam (Bridget Everett, Camping) who moved home to take care of her now deceased sister. This premiere, “BFD”, gives us a dip into the world of grief.  It isn’t linear and I’m hopeful of that portrayal so far. Grief comes and goes, and gets tied up with other emotions.

Sam is bonding with her niece Shannon (Kailey Albus), much to the annoyance of her other sister Tricia (Mary Catherine Garrison). Whew, this sister is quite something. I’m glad I’m on good terms with my sister or at the very least she isn’t like that. And nieces having relationships with their aunts is nothing strange, I hung out with my aunt all the time growing up. Sam works at a pretty passionless job but makes friends with Joel (Jeff Hiller), another odd one out.  Turns out they have shared history in show choir but while she’s left it behind, he hasn’t. He invites her to church activities. Well, church adjacent. I loved that line. But Sam’s hesitant.Screen-Shot-2022-01-22-at-11.01.19-PM-300x113

It’s only been six months since her sister died and Sam’s a little lost. Got a random job to pay the bills, and apparently it was a pattern before. Not everyone finds a direct path or finds a job they want to do. The reality is we live in a world where we have to pay the bills and get a job that will do that.  We sacrifice passions, desires, joys for the capitalism system.  Sam doesn’t’ know what she wants to do or who she really is right now. Perhaps, connecting to the past joy of show choir would help, just not through your team member’s memoir.

Screen-Shot-2022-01-22-at-11.02.06-PM-300x231But she shows up to the activity which wasn’t sanctioned. See, I knew I loved Joel. There are ways I can understand how being there brings him peace. I had my own religious upbringing but did not always feel welcomed by the church and have since parted ways. I’m much happier now but there’s still some church music that will make me cry. We see a quick peak of the brother-in-law Rick (Danny McCarthy). Oh my, how sneaky! Could we potentially see a performance from him in the future? I’m not surprised he would come to this at all, his wife seems stifling. That duet was just absolutely lovely. Sam might be reconnecting to some of her old self and maybe old confidence. According to Joel, it seems like she was a pretty big deal. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead and how Sam might be able to find her place in a new group of friends.

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