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SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE Season 1 Episode 3 “Eggshells”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Screen-Shot-2022-02-02-at-7.47.06-AM-300x112We start with a bombshell opening as the neighbor, occasional flirt buddy is getting arrested for dealing fentanyl. Oh my, that’s not good. Pretty bad actually, so I guess you dodged a bullet there, Sam (Bridget Everett). Joel (Jeff Hiller) gets her and the two go on a chase down and ultimate stake out of Rick (Danny McCarthy), her brother-in-law. First off, there’s genuinely so many things it could be but I appreciate how hard Sam immediately sticks to drugs. I feel it’s likely to end up being way less serious and her mind is just on neighborly drug dealers. Personally, I jumped on potential gay lover. The tracking and subsequent stake out leads to some hilarious moments with Joel and I’m especially curious about this blizzard he got stuck in. It’s always good to be prepared as any Michigander would tell you, but I’m very intrigued as to what occurred for him to take it so seriously.


Meanwhile for Tricia (Mary Catherine Garrison) it’s store versus store as she faces boutique rivalry. It’s Tender Moments for Tricia and her business partner or coworker Charity (Heidi Johanningmeier) versus Poppy’s and whomever owns it. But it seems Poppy’s currently has the edge. Just take all that frustration to family dinner, Trish. It’ll be fine. The rainbow isn’t bad, but I’m curious why it struck such a chord for that vandalism which was actually a little bit impressive.

Sam reconvenes her hunt at family dinner which features plenty of fireworks on its own. Dad (Mike Hagerty) barely spills the beans about his foot and here’s where we get our titular piece. Everyone’s tiptoeing around the big, drunk elephant in the room which is that mom (Jane Brody) needs to go to rehab. I appreciate dad feeling like that’s for celebrities and wealthy folk, but it’s truly for everyone and your wife desperately needs a reality check. I get where you’re coming from in how you’ve melded into one person over knowing each other for so long, but Jesus H. Jones she nearly set your granddaughter on fire. Is her access to alcohol worth Shannon (Kailey Albus) or her safety? I rather think not. I had to confront my own father about his drinking. It didn’t do much at the time, but years later after a couple DUIs he got the point. Just would have been better if he’d gotten it sooner, and something needs to be said and done before anyone else gets hurt.Screen-Shot-2022-02-02-at-7.46.04-AM-300x170

Sam channels all that frustration into choir practice and delivers a slamming rendition of ‘Piece of My Heart’ and it’s clear this is becoming Sam’s safe place. She struggled with caring for Holly and losing her best friend. It’s hard to find equilibrium again after that. But she’s trying and I think she’s actually found her tribe and I’m happy for her.

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