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Screen-Shot-2022-03-03-at-5.56.13-PM-300x160I knew the finale was likely to be a tear-jerker after what felt like a solid emotional premiere season. Back in the beginning of February, it was officially greenlit for a second season so I am ecstatic to see what happens next for Sam (Bridget Everett), Joel (Jeff Hiller), and the rest of the crew. For now, let’s get into the episode and dissect everything, starting with Joel’s lack of church.Screen-Shot-2022-03-03-at-5.56.31-PM-300x264

Since parting ways after his confession, Joel’s had a bit of a struggle when it comes to finding his place again. Sam’s no longer his work buddy and he works with his ex, so he’s alone there. He no longer has the church or choir practice. Sam tries to help him shop churches and even runs into Coop (Josh Bywater) and that thing that was agreed to go unsaid ends up said. Oops, Sam. It was a genuine accident, but Charity (Heidi Johanningmeier) uses that as leverage. Poor Tricia (Mary Catherin Garrison), though really. I get that Joel is trying to mend things and it’s about the business you both want despite everything that happened but I wouldn’t be able to do it. Work with the woman who repeatedly fucked my husband behind my back? No, I don’t think so. At least they get a small W.

Screen-Shot-2022-03-03-at-5.56.47-PM-300x200Sam confers with Fred (Murray Hill) about some things, including an idea for a new choir practice locale. Fred helps lay some laced traps at poker night in his bunker. I freaking love that Fred has an underground bunker poker room. I mean, how brilliant. But everyone’s getting their buzz on and enjoying the night. Sam even breaks out her own song book for the musical moment (which was written by the lovely actress herself). It was perfect. But I was scared. I didn’t want this to turn into a romance of any kind. I wasn’t going to be okay if that was the sudden curve ball. Joel and Sam waking up in bed together or some shit like that. Because every story doesn’t need to end with a romantic happy ending. They can just be friends and that’s what appears to be continuing, but I had my doubts.Screen-Shot-2022-03-03-at-5.56.39-PM-300x168

You know you else didn’t get happy endings? Coop and Tricia. I mean, arguably all four of them are miserable now but only two of them are responsible for those choices. Two of them were completely innocent in this scenario, but it appears that might be changing? I’m curious to see where this goes, but also I get it. Maybe they’re just going to all end up swinging. I mean, probably not honestly but it would be funny.

But truly the best part of all season was seeing Sam’s growth and finally turning down the covers. I get why. Truly, I do. No one wants to be in my father-in-law’s house since my mother-in-law passed from cancer there. Using her bed, just doesn’t feel right and that’s okay for a while. But you’ve been sleeping on the couch for…well, when we meet Joel in episode one you said six months ago. And then recently referenced knowing Joel two months. So it’s been eight months since she died. It was time and she made the jump. Probably gonna sleep a heckin’ lot better now. But I probably won’t until we get more news on season two. 



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