Soft, Classy Game of Thrones T-Shirts

logoWe all have one.  That favorite T-shirt that just refuses to wear out or go out of style (in our minds at least!).  But sometimes there comes a day when our last bastions of nostalgia must leave us either because the spouse just doesn’t understand the item’s importance and/or the ever-growing arm pit holes have just become too detrimental to the wearing experience.  Will you ever be able to recapture to love you felt for this t-shirt again?

Fear not, T-shirt lover!  Our friends over at Fencing and Archery are producing some high-quality T’s that have the added bonus of being completely awesome.  We stumbled upon their product line about six months ago when my wife and I were looking for something to wear to the Game of Thrones season 2 premiere party.  And boy did we find what we were looking for.

We’ve been the proud owner of these hoodies for nearly a year now and mine is by far my favorite piece of clothing.  I get compliments walking down the street asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!” almost every time I wear it. I’ve met several Game of Thrones fans who I would have never encountered had it not been for that hoodie.  It also has the added bonus of being extremely light, soft and durable (the screen printing has survived several washings thus far) so the quality isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.

Take a look at some of the great stuff Fencing and Archery has put together to celebrate George R.R Martin’s work and HBO’s Game of Thrones series (click on the images for more on each item):


kh_cu_1-254x300 vm_t_1-254x300
tg_6272-254x300 bo_tm-254x300

 And some other cool stuff:

stallion-263x300 dw_b_sh-254x300
dw_k_men_sh_1-254x300 stark_sweatshirt_shopify-254x300


If you have a child of your own and you fail to purchase that “Stallion who Mounts The World” onesie you are doing a disservice to all Game of Thrones fans everywhere!  You owe it to us to make your child wear that (and take pictures to share with us!) I’ve rocked the hoodie on the bottom left and my wife has a couple of T-shirts that she absolutely loves.  Grab a couple of your own!

SALE: Fencing and Archery are now holding a limted sale through the month of August.  Just enter GOT10 at checkout for a 10% discount on your total purchase.  This includes any of their other, non Game of Thrones items as well.  

We hope you enjoy your Game of Thrones T-Shirts as much as we do.  Once you’ve recieved your new tshirt hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or comment on this post with a photo of yourself in your new gear.  We’ll retweet and/or post it on our wall when we see it!

Winter is Coming so get yourself a comfortable hoodie already!

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