SNL, Tina Fey Spoof HBO’s Girls


Everyone loves HBO’s Girls, right?  Well NBC’s Saturday Night Live took a few jabs at the 20-something sensation this weekend.  There’s so much to talk about so I’ll just give you the video straight away:

Some of those impressions were spot on! Great mannerisms and totally accurate. That voice! So perfect. But some of the commentary? I’d say some of the writers on SNL may have only seen the pilot episode or have heard about the show second hand. The skit ends up being hilarious if only for the suburb portrayals of the Girls. Maybe they’re more making fun of 20-something girls in general than they are the show itself.

What did you think? And are you a fan of Girls? Was the SNL skit hilarious, lame or dead on? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

It looks like Ms. Dunham took the skit in stride. Here she is enjoying the SNL piece:



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