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Silicon Valley: “To Build a Better Beta”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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To release or not to release? That is the question for Richard as the beta is preparing to take its first little baby steps into the tech world.  And Bachmanity? More like Broke-manity for our pals Erlich and Bighead.

Richard is waffling over whether or not to release the beta version of Pied Piper. I get his wariness.  Knowing the way things usually go for them, it is not a stretch of the imagination to think releasing the beta could be catastrophic for the company.  Things don’t usually go smoothly for the rag-tag bunch of misfits who call Pied Piper their project.  From the death of their investor to a Hooli lawsuit to having a CEO and then not having a CEO, the road has had a few potholes.  Big, massive, probably has a sinkhole underneath potholes.

Eventually, due mainly in part to Guilfoyle releasing it already anyway, the beta hits the net and causes some waves.  Some good, some bad, some completely hilarious.  Monica is not entirely impressed, so what will Richard do now?  Also, are those two ever going to try and be an item again?  It was teased at briefly, and dismissed due to the obvious ethical complications.  But when has ethics ever really stopped people with good chemistry from hooking up?  I’m looking at you, every president who ever cheated on their wives.  Hint, there are quite a few of them.

Guilfoyle and Dinesh are suddenly in a competition to find out who has more friends when they get their ten codes to release the beta to people they trust.  Guilfoyle, of course, trusts no one.  And Dinesh is doing quite well with his own gaggle of imaginary cohorts.  The real winner of all this is Jared.  Which makes me wonder if he is hitting up any of his lady friends.  Doubt it, though.  He does seem like the love-em-and-leave-type, doesn’t he?

Erlich and Bighead are having problems of their own.  But not romantic ones at any rate.  Well, maybe for Erlich, since we do know how much he loves to have money to hold over people’s heads.  Mr. Av-i-ato. I can’t even say Aviato without saying it in his ridiculous manner of speaking.  Av-i-ato.  But the money is there and then it is gone.  Mostly to Erlich’s ridiculous spending and Bighead moving his pool around.  Is it too far from the house? Is it too close to the house?  Who looks at a pool and thinks, “Yeah, I think I want to have this big inground item moved around?” Bighead, apparently.  But it isn’t completely their fault for being idiots with their money.  Though I would like to know the backstory of what happened to the mysterious missing iki head… Erlich makes some decisions of his own in regard to his lack of fortune, and the fallout will be quite the mess.

The episode leaves off an precipice of excitement and terror as to what is next.  Pied Piper is preparing to make the big step forward.  Other big steps include the interesting dismantling of the Hooli project as people finally stand up to Gavin and make their exits.  It just goes to show that you can’t treat people like crap and expect them to be loyal tech slaves.  So what will be next for Gavin?  At the very least, some fly wardrobe is making an appearance.  And of course, a unicorn.

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