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Silicon Valley: “The Blood Boy”

by Jason Godfrey
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Jumping right in, Richard learns that there’s more to having to work with Gavin Belson than garages within garages or pools on yachts. He still has to deal with the blood boy. The introduction of the “transfusion associate” was awkward, to say the least.

Erlich convinces Monica that Laurie’s baby shower is nothing but a ruse to form a coup against Laurie. I can’t help but see his point because, besides Monica and Laurie, there isn’t another woman in attendance. I don’t think I’ve seen a “baby shower” like it.

The blood boy is invited to overstep his bounds by Gavin by giving his opinion on how to launch the peer-to-peer internet project. The conflict escalates to the point that Jared calls Bryce a dick and then tells him to fuck off. While somewhat unexpected, Jared’s words are not surprising as they once were, especially when compared to things he’s said before. It feels like every episode this season has had a Jared funny moment. Don’t get me wrong. I love Jared as a character. In fact, the clip of him going “Woo!” makes me laugh more than should be legally allowed. This bit, however, seems like a few steps back compared to other shocking things he’s said.

There, of course, have to be repercussions for this. Gavin demands that Richard apologizes to the blood boy for his and Jared’s actions. When he apologizes, he learns that Bryce has studied CS and is a blood boy to get a foot into the door of the tech industry. It’s hard to be pretty.

Dinesh is worried that his life may be in danger by Mia or someone that Mia has attacked. It’s already made obvious that he has not told her that he accidenSiliconValley_S4SE5pic-300x129tally took Gavin Belson down. He’s afraid to. 

Monica seeks out Erlich for some pot to help her “bro-down” with Ed Chan. When he learns that Ed is trying to keep the coup a secret still, Erlich realizes that Monica may have just aligned herself with the wrong side.

Richard confronts the blood boy after learning that what he thought was a health food store was actually a pot depository. It turns out that Bryce is not the picture of health he claims to be. He never even studied computer studies. It looks like Richard may have shut down the blood boy. Of course, because this is Silicon Valley, it won’t last long.

When Monica tries to warn Laurie of the coup, she finds out that Laurie already knows. This is no surprise because she has never been out of the power position since she was first introduced in the series. What is a surprise is that she’s on her fourth child. Since she asks so robotic, it’s a surprise that she’s even human, but she states that she’s a human in this episode.

Richard soon learns that he pushed Bryce to his “only career choice left” by writing a Tell-All which ultimately hurts Gavin Belson. Is this the last we’ll see of Gavin? I doubt it. Richard now has everything he needs for his project, except funding.

Does this mean the Pied Piper team is back together again?

Let’s take a sneak peek at the next episode.

Of course, if you wanted to read the latest from the Silicon Valley tech blog, here it is.

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