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Silicon Valley: “Tech Evangelist”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Last week, admittedly, I really started to question Richard as a leader. As previously brought up, I am feeling the whole idea that once you get money in Silicon Valley, you kind of become a dick. Richard seemed to redeem himself a bit, but I’m wondering how long his decent nature will hold out. Jared is certainly becoming more and more the moral compass of the show as it goes on. That being said, let’s get a sneak peek of what we saw this week.

This week, Richard is able to bring on eight new up and coming web developers that he so affectionately calls OctoPipers. Yeah, no one likes that Richard, get over it. One of the developers is a gay man in a steady relationship building a gay dating website. He tells Richard that he’s also a Christian. And this is where I truly appreciate the genius of this show. Because it is set in such a progressive place as Silicon Valley, being gay is not strange. However, being Christian is. So what so many LGBTQA people deal with every day, the hatred, the disgust, the betrayal from their friends and family, is now turned on a Christian man here. It seems ridiculous that a man from such a respected and worldwide religion would be treated so horribly.

Well, for any Christian people watching the show who might be anti-gay, do you see how ridiculous it is? Do you see how dumb it is to judge a person that way? To judge someone for who they were born to be and who they love?  Well, that is how LGBTQA people are treated every day.  Thank you, Silicon Valley. Thank you for turning this around on its head and showing it for what it SiliconValle_S5Ep4-300x222truly is.

Also during this episode, we find our favorite band of nerds figure out who is sabotaging them. Jeff is rooted out for his betrayal and forced to suffer in just the most amazingly horrible way. Nothing is better than seeing Guilfoyle going around his apartment using a nail gun on everything. Even if I hadn’t loved Guilfoyle before, this freaking sealed it. Martin Starr ( of Freaks and Geeks fame) is a gem and he just gets even better. But we also have Jian-Yang continuing to be a douche. Again, that whole money thing. But Big Head’s incompetence saves the day and I think he’s really one of the few instances in this show where having money didn’t destroy a soul. A soul – huh, Richard is questionable. Dinesh is done for after the Tesla. And Guilfoyle himself would argue he never had one. Anyway, Jian-Yang basically made off with who knows how much of Richard’s information and wants to go do the same thing in China, so we’ll see how his version of the ‘new’ internet plays out.

Another amazing moment of the show that I have to throw credit towards is the amazing Gavin bit. “The bear is sticky with honey.” Of course, Gavin means the actual honey container that is bear shaped. But when you deal with that guy for a long time and all the weird shit he says, yeah I’d wonder what he was talking about if he said something like that too. His whole team scrambling to figure out what that meant was priceless. Even with Erlich’s character out of the picture, which I think you could argue provided for a decent portion of the humor, the show goes on and without the actor in question, who has been in some boiled hot water lately, I’m perfectly thrilled to see where the show goes. Let’s see!

Jared and Richard have to deal with TV again…oh dear. Gavin seems to be having some kind of emotional growth? Maybe his psychotic ways are dying down? And oh my, what a robot that is! Keep watching Silicon Valley Season Five Sunday nights at 10:00pm. 

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