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Silicon Valley: “Teambuilding Exercise”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Last week, our band of misfits successfully engineered their way around a tricky situation and the cherry on top of it all, Gavin Belson took the heat and lost his CEO job at Hooli. This week sees Richard spark a dangerous idea, BigHead becomes one step closer to an adult, and Dinesh’s girlfriend may or may not be listening to him from his cellular device.

main-qimg-8fd866623999b02c85d6bcc396d14e5fWhen Richard got access to Peter Gregory’s files, he realized fully the dreams of a new internet coming to fruition. Only one little piece stands in the way, and that piece is Gavin F*cking Belson. As if this douche hasn’t messed up everything for our rag-tag group over the last three seasons, he continues to do so even from outside Hooli. But Richard’s idea to work with Gavin could mean big things but it could also mean Gavin destroying everything. Don’t get me wrong, Richard has his moments where he truly mucks up something big time. And the rest of the group surely has too.  But they have the heart…even devout Satanist Guilfoyle is in it for the tech. While Gavin is just in for the money and has no problem getting people out of his way if they threaten his greatness.


BigHead’s dad gets on his case about becoming more of an adult, meaning he either needs to get a job with steady income or go back to school and actually accomplish a degree. In an interview turned sideways, BigHead ends up teaching a class as a guest lecturer, which means watching movies. Sounds like my kind of class. Erlich’s attempt to scoop Jin Yang’s app and make it something better means he needs the manpower and tries to outsource to BigHead’s class. They don’t appreciate his overall douche-like behavior and end up scooping his app themselves. Sorry, Erlich. Maybe don’t try and use people next time? (and speaking of apps here is that Hot Dog app you’ve been wanting.) 

Meanwhile, Dinesh is dating a hacker and they bond over their shared dislike of Guilfoyle. Not the strongest common factor to build a relationship on, but also likely not the weakest either. But Guilfoyle makes it clear to Dinesh quickly that he shouldn’t be trusting of her since she could be hacking every aspect of Dinesh’s life. Especially since his life revolves around technology, which is hackable, anything could be heard or seen by Mia. I have a feeling this could turn out poorly for Dinesh. And Guilfoyle will be in the background cackling evilly.

Next week we will get an even better look at the madness behind Gavin Belson as the team digs into creating the new internet. And Erlich is trying to help Monica step up her game. With Laurie soon to be out on maternity leave, Monica needs to make a play or she could be frozen out by the office bros. we’ll have to wait to see what happens. 

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