Silicon Valley Season 2 Starts Production

After an amusing and enthralling first season of Silicon Valley, your favorite tech-geeks are preparing to make their return! Mike Judge and his humorous cast have begun filming and production for Season 2, which leads me to believe that we can expect Season 2 to air in the same Springtime/April window. After Season 1 ended with Pied Piper’s success at the Tech-Crunch startup, immediately followed by Richard’s panic attack and vomiting fit, we can hope to see this rag-tagged crew take on new challenges in their lovable, but unconventional ways.

However, the crew will certainly have to adapt to the tragic death of Christopher Evan Welch, who brilliantly played Peter Gregory. Additionally, it has recently been disclosed that Rebecca Creskoff, who previously was involved in the HBO original series Hung, will have a fairly prominent role in this upcoming season. Regardless the cast, we can expect Mike Judge to provide us with a witty and clever plotline, so keep your eyes peeled for the teasers and trailers for Season 2 that should be released in the upcoming months!

The cast tweeted our a couple of adorable pictures this week.  Check them out:

We don’t have an exact air date but with this production schedule (and with history as our guide) we expect Silicon Valley season 2 to premiere alongside Game of Thrones and Veep once again in Spring of 2015.  We’ll update our master HBO premiere schedule page with an exact air date for SV2 once we have it.


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