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Silicon Valley: “Reorientation”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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The second episode of the season gives us a panicked Richard, the usual Guilfoyle and Dinesh bickering, and Jian-Yang going for gold as he works to persuade the courts that Erlich is dead.

Richard, in a surprising dick move, acquires the staff behind two start-ups. Having to now be somewhat of a morale booster, something admittedly never Richard’s strong suit, he attempts to bridge the gap between the two teams. Obviously, this starts out pretty poorly for him with a smashed nose and some blood. Richard wants the teams to get along better and in a series of people-pleasing moves brings some chaos. What Richard finally realizes is that he doesn’t need to make everyone else happy. They can work on the project or not. What’s most important is that SiliconValley_S5Pic03-300x162Richard can do it himself if needed. And that’s what he does. But he does it so well, it brings people back. People respect dedication.

Meanwhile, Dinesh and Guilfoyle have a new beef this week over electric vehicles after Dinesh purchases a Tesla. Acting high and mighty over his purchase, Guilfoyle reminds Dinesh that a car begins depreciating and losing value the minute it gets off the truck. After Dinesh rubs his electric vehicle parking spot in Guilfoyle’s face, Guilfoyle purchases an electric bike that looks straight out of Mad Max in a yeah-I-can-totally-see-Guilfoyle-driving-this-bike kind of way. Dinesh ends up crashing his Tesla and will have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs. Which he will do, to spite Guilfoyle. And it’s a little sad that he’s willing to get so out of control just to fight with Guilfoyle. There are plenty of people I can’t stand, but not anyone I’d be willing to spend thousands of dollars to spite. That’s some intense therapy needed there.

SiliconValley_S5Pic4-300x264 Let’s not forget Jian-Yang who is willing to go to surprisingly crafty and messed up ways to prove Erlich is dead so he can take over the estate. And while it is apparently quite easy for Jian-Yang to get control of it, when you take someone’s money, you also take their debts. But with Erlich’s 10% ownership in Pied Piper, he should be able to pay things off. But, he goes one step further and kicks the guys out of the house. He literally throws all their stuff on the lawn. Jian-Yang likes to think he’s so much better than Erlich but that’s a pretty dick move. He is not even giving them a chance to find somewhere else? Does seem like money makes people douchebags, at least in the Silicon Valley.  Richard is being more aggressive.  Dinesh uses it to spite Guilfoyle.  Erlich obviously acted like that ever since he started his incubator. And Jian-Yang became obsessed with money and started acting like Erlich.

Next week, Richard makes some new friends.  Gavin Belson’s insider at Pied Piper is about to get a buttload of information, courtesy of alcohol and poor choices. And it will be interesting to see how our fearsome band of techies will get out of this next one.

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